10K Tropic Race will distribute 42,000 Bolivians

A total of 42,000 Bolivians will be awarded prizes in the Cochabamba Tropic 10K Pedestrian Walking Race, which will take place this Sunday, February 20, in Shinahota.

After the 10K races organized by the Government and in which up to 108,000 Bolivians were awarded prizes, this will be the first competition where the economic prizes handed out will be very high.

The race, which will start at 8:00am, will award 10,500 bolivianos to the winners, both men and women. Second place will receive 7,000 bolivianos as a prize, and third place, 3,500 bolivianos.

Resources for the prize were collected from municipalities that are part of the Association of Municipalities of the tropics, earning the amount of 42 thousand Bolivians for the prize.

The competition is being hosted by five cities in the tropics of Cochabamba, but the competition itself will start in the city of San Isidro, going through central Shinahota and ending in Lauca .

Having such an important economic prize, no doubt the race will receive a large number of athletes, not only from Cochabamba but from all over the country.

Prior to the pandemic, 10K racing offered national distance runners a way to obtain resources that would allow them to dedicate themselves to the sport almost exclusively.

Although a large number of athletes are expected, some of the best long-distance runners will not be part of the competition, as they will be in Cochabamba for the II South American Indoor Championships, which kicks off tomorrow.

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