11 New Cases of the Monkey Cup in England – Clear Speech

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for an emergency meeting on monkey cups. It writes channel TV 2.

Several experts will attend the meeting. They will discuss the ongoing outbreak in Europe. It wrote British newspapers Telegraph.

Eleven new cases have been found in the UK.

– Most cases are mild. I can confirm that we have obtained several doses of the vaccine. The vaccine is effective against monkeypox, said Sajid Javid, according to the news channel Sky News.

He is the British Minister of Health. He had a meeting on Friday. That is with the health ministers of other G7 countries. The G7 countries comprise the seven richest industrial democracies in the world.

Javid told them what they knew about the situation so far.

The UK was one of the first countries in Europe to detect cases of monkeypox. On Friday, it became known that monkey cups had been found in France and Germany as well.

So far, no cases of infection have been reported in Norway. But the National Institute of Public Health has stated that they are following the situation closely.

According to FHI, monkey cup gives a picture of disease like a cup. But the disease is much less contagious and has a lower mortality rate. There was talk of a fever and rash resembling chickenpox.

– The disease is usually mild, and most infected people recover without treatment within a few weeks. Some will develop scar tissue, the institute wrote.

This disease is transmitted from animals to humans. But it can also be passed between people through contact with rashes or drops.

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