2022 Election Calendar – World Order Map

The 2022 election calendar will start on January 24 with the Libyan elections, and will end (predictably) on December 17 with the elections in Tunisia. Among the eleven states are planning to renew their executives electorally, and another 32 will hold legislative elections. In addition, there are important regional events, such as those to be held in Northern Ireland, Spain or Hong Kong.

There is no year that is not electorally decisive. Each election can change the political landscape of a country, region, or the entire world. The year that is about to start has important elections in Latin America (Brazil and Colombia), in addition to a constitutional referendum in Chile, which just days ago held historic presidential elections that faced two antagonistic models.

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In Europe, continental political heavyweights such as Macron (France) and Orbán (Hungary) are facing re-election, while in the United States there will be midterm elections that will serve to gauge the popularity of the Joe Biden project and its management of the pandemic. . In May, Asia-Pacific will determine its pro-China or pro-American future with elections in the Philippines and Australia. Meanwhile, the future of Arab democracy will be at stake in the upcoming elections in unstable countries such as Lebanon, Tunisia and, in particular, Libya.

The North African nation will hold a second round of presidential elections on January 24, which was originally scheduled to take place in 2018 and which is there is a possibility that it will be postponed again. The results of this election appointment could be the beginning of stabilization of the country, because this election is a political way to end the Libyan civil war. But they can also be a new trigger in the major internal crisis that has been going on since 2011.

The world in 2022

Preliminary elections will be held in Portugal on January 30, after the minority socialist government of António Costa, one of the first to give new impetus to social democracy in Europe after the 2008 crisis, failed to approve a budget.

One of the big election appointments in the February 2022 calendar is in Costa Rica. This election will be the most diverse since 1930, with the biggest favorites being candidates from the right and center after greater political fragmentation from the left and the collapse of parliament. PAC, currently in government.

Russia and the post-Soviet space in 2022

Colombia will be one of the protagonists of March with elections on the 13th. use Ivan Duque’s far-right could enable the most progressive parliament in decades. Some of these results could be repeated in the presidential election which will take place in June.

Lebanon will be another great protagonist in March. The country has been practically without a capable government since the massive explosion at the Beirut port in August 2020, which gave rise to all the problems that have dragged on in the country’s complex political system since the civil war. However, there is little hope that this general election will solve the country’s problems.

Middle East and Maghrib in 2022

Hong Kong, for its part, will hold its first executive election on March 27 since Beijing ended the “one country, two systems” model that has ruled the former British colony so far.

Also very relevant to East Asia’s future will be the results of the presidential election in South Korea on March 9, where debate will revolve around issues such as corruption, housing prices and the situation of youth. it is possible turn right at the institution.

Asia-Pacific in 2022

In addition to the all-important presidential election in France and the general election in Hungary, April will leave two more electoral processes in Europe: Serbia celebrates presidential, general and local elections at the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, Slovenia, which is a member of the European Union, will hold parliamentary elections. Outside of the old continent, Gambia, the smallest and poorest country on the African continent, will hold elections for the National Assembly after President Adama Barrow is re-elected in December 2021, and which will be the first since the 2017 coup and foreign intervention to restore democracy in the homeland.

May will hold several elections in which the international balance of power will have almost as much weight as relevant to the internal affairs of individual countries. Local elections in Northern Ireland will serve as a thermometer for a seemingly never-ending Brexit in the UK, with Northern Ireland’s border being a major part of the dispute with the EU, and where Irish unification will be discussed again. Meanwhile in the Philippines and Australia, the elections will highlight the influence of China and the US in the Asia-Pacific region.

Europe and 2022

In June, the 2022 election calendar also includes a new electoral process, in this case the legislature, in France. In July, two African countries, Congo and Senegal, hold elections, while in August it is Angola and Kenya.

September brings with it elections in Sweden, during which the progress or retreat of European far-right powers will be once again calibrated. Another EU country, Austria, will also assess the pulse of Europe’s far-right politics in October with a presidential election following a no-confidence vote against right-wing Chancellor Kurz in 2019. However, without a doubt, the most important meeting of the month will take place in Brazil. After the management of the coronavirus pandemic in which the explosion of resistance has been seen, the also ultra-right Bolsonaro will try to re-validate the presidency in the presence of Lula da Silva, a PDT historical figure and who Over the past year, he’s seen the Supreme Court overturn all the sentences that had landed him in prison.

Sub-Saharan Africa in 2022

In addition to the midterm elections in the United States, in November there will be several general elections scattered around the world, such as in Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea or Fiji. And in December, Tunisia seemed to be back on the track of participation after Authoritarian turn by President Kaid Said in 2021.

Ultimately, several countries will hold important elections throughout the year, although there is still no specific date in the 2022 electoral calendar. This is the case of a constitutional referendum in Chile, or elections in Malta, Chad, Mali or Nepal. In Haiti, general, presidential and regional elections are scheduled to be held in the context of the very serious instability following the assassination of the country’s president, Jovenel Moïse, in July 2021.

Latin America in 2022

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