40 million year old fossil to be auctioned in UK

08/03/2022 at 10:32


The 92 centimeter long crocodile is in optimal conditions for fossilization

This is a reptile species from the Eocene, after the disappearance of the dinosaurs

A 40 million year old crocodile fossil will be auctioned in Glasgow, England. It is part of a collection of 200 fossils and natural history specimens owned by a retired Highland geologist. Crocodile, Plalaysuchus Petroleumdating from the Eocene period and found to be perfectly preserved.

The 92 cm long skeleton, unearthed in China, is estimated to be reached up to 15,000 at the McTear Cabinet of Curiosities auction on Aug. 10. McTear specialist James Spiridion stated that the fossil was in “clean condition” with a near-perfect skeleton on display.

Spiridion went on to say that: “A similar, albeit larger, example was recently sold at auction for $250,000, clearly illustrating how important these interesting items are.” Many more in collection including the nest of petrified Hardrosaur eggs from the late Cretaceous period, which could fetch at least £7,000.

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