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The mystical Skip Intro or Skip Intro button is a must on Netflix. We all want to see the opening of our favorite series once, but maybe after 8 seasons and 300 episodes, it might get a little heavy. Now this button is celebrating its fifth birthday.

Netflix claims that buttons are pressed about 136 million times a daysaving cumulative time for users worldwide for 195 years.

And that is, even though Netflix is ​​24 years old, this button is celebrating its 5th birthday. Now, the platform itself has made history clear Skip making Intro.

In a blog post written by Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, he talks about a team of engineers looking to introduce something new on the platform. The best idea they propose is to move the series or movie back and forth for 10 seconds.

However, once they released this new feature, found that 15% of the time users manually skipped episodes within the first five minutesthus reinforcing the idea that they don’t want to see the intro.

Despite this, without this button to skip the intro, you have to be careful not to miss the start of the series, have to watch a small part of the intro, accordingly. and of course there are series with great openings like Game of Thrones or some of which vary from season to season like Attack on the Titans for example.

We also have The Simpsons case, which varies depending on the episode or season. After all, we always like to skip the introduction.

With all of this on the table, Netflix wanted to add something more specific. “Instead of building a general purpose solution that might help a few different needs, like a 10 second jump forward button, we designed a single purpose solution that does one thing really well”wrote Johnson.

The team behind the feature goes by various names, including “Jump Past Credits”, “Skip Credits”, “Jump Ahead”, and simply “Skip”. The company started testing it with random members in 2017, and the idea became a big hit with users, according to Johnson.

Of course, “Skip Intro” was the name that worked the most and ended up being the winner. In the case of Spain, “eliminate the introduction”.

oddly enough, the button was introduced only for the web version in 2017 and limited to only 250 series in the US, UK and Canada (movies not included). The button only appeared on TVs until August 2017 and to mobile apps in May 2018.

Today might be something we don’t stop to think too much about and we automatically click on it, but it really is a huge advantage and today marks 5 years, so they celebrate.

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