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A few days before a majestic national holiday, the United Kingdom of Great Britain is preparing to celebrate 70 years of Elizabeth II’s throne.

There is no king in British history, and after the British Empire, who remained regent for 7 decades.

Elizabeth II had previously celebrated Jubilee during her reign, when she commemorated 25 years on the throne (1977) the Silver Jubilee. In 2002 he celebrated 50 years on the British throne with a celebration framed in the Golden Jubilee. In 2012 the Diamond Jubilee took place on the occasion of his 60th anniversary as king.

Each of them has public celebrations, honor parades, mass concerts, Royal Air Force flights, and even lastly – the Diamond Jubilee – a large and spectacular ship parade on the River Thames, with the full royal family, aboard a barge built and decorated for the event. the.

The jubilee has served as a space for national reunion and unity, as a minor respite, in complex political, social or economic moments for Great Britain.

Within days, the milestone of an exemplary monarch at the head of this nation will be celebrated across the UK, as a symbol of service, unity and commitment to its people.

The scheduled celebration will integrate various anniversaries over 4 days: from Thursday, June 2, to Sunday, June 5.

Celebrations began with the Queen’s Birthday Parade in a ceremony known as the “Trooping of Color” which integrated a regiment of royal guards, Irish, Welsh, Royal Household Cavalry, a military music band and over 240 horses.

Around 1,200 officers from different regiments will pay their respects to His Majesty through the streets of central London, next to the park and, of course, in front of Buckingham Palace.

Forced salvo shooting with cannons to mark the anniversary and participation of the royal family.

Organizers have kept a few surprises in mind, knowing that at the end of the parade with the return of the armed honor regiment to Buckingham Palace, the whole family will appear on the central balcony to welcome thousands of English subjects and from many other parts of the world. from the world. world. They had anticipated that state-of-the-art digital technology would serve the parade and we know that the Queen would not be riding the State’s golden chariot, but she would be participating in the parade.

For all citizens there will be giant screens in various parts of London, which will project the course of the parade in San Jaime parks, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park and others.

Airplane flights from the Royal Air Force will culminate in the parade on Thursday 2, already with the royal family from the balcony.

On Friday, June 3, lighthouses or torches will be lit across the island. A large series of burning flames, once used as a communication chain to warn of the arrival of an enemy or invader, remains a longstanding tradition of national unity in Britain.

In 1897 they were lit to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (great-grandmother of the current king Elizabeth II) and have since remained a custom connecting communities, neighborhoods, counties and territories across Great Britain, from the rest of the islands and territories of the Kingdom.

The main lighthouse, already known as the “trees” at 21 meters high, will be installed and lit from Buckingham Palace itself.

There will be community lighthouses in some areas, the Commonwealth and the main one in London.

In all the capitals of the 50 countries that make up the British Commonwealth, this beacon will be lit in honor of the Queen and as a symbol of unity.

On Friday, June 3, the Thanksgiving Service, a religious service, will be held at St. Paul, the largest Christian temple in the world, immediately after St. Paul’s Basilica. Peter in Rome.

The cathedral’s famous bells, known as the Great Paul, will ring as part of a service at which the Dean of Westminster, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other dignitaries of the Kingdom will inaugurate in his honor. They have not revealed who will be the character delivering the main message of the celebration, which may be one of the bishops, or even a family member, such as the Prince of Wales.

On Saturday 4 June, perhaps the Queen’s most joyous celebration of her love for horses, will be at the Epson Downs Derby, which she will be attending accompanied by members of the royal family.

The Great Jubilee Lunch will take place on Sunday, June 5. There is a tradition in England to hold these lunches in the street and in public squares for hundreds of people. The organizing committee has appointed 60 hosts in London alone, to gather and host the large number of participants, who will enjoy national specialties and magnificent Jubilee cakes.

There will be screens set across the city, which will project images and messages from the Queen during her 70 year reign. They advanced special digital effects to evoke the most important moments in his 7 decades as king.

Over the weekend there will be several concerts by local groups and bands, great British rock figures.

More than 20 thousand people are involved in the organization, ranging from volunteers, local community leaders, members of the TNI, workers, artists.

As part of the Jubilee, enormous philanthropic activities will be carried out for the benefit of the citizens, thousands of operations will be carried out to combat cataracts and other diseases, one million trees will be planted throughout the kingdom as part of the Queen’s environmental commitment. .

It is important to say that Elizabeth II enjoyed widespread public popularity, even her individual endorsement as a central figure over the past 70 years, exceeding the popularity expressed by the British people for the monarchy in general.

The extensive celebrations are expected that citizens and the entire nation present to their Queen in recognition of her 70 years of dedication and service to the country.

Elizabeth II steadfastly defended the institution of the monarchy, overcoming many moments of discomfort, crises, diversions and scandals of various members of her family, daughters-in-law, children, grandchildren.

He arrived with reduced physical strength, and in the apparent absence of his main partner and supporter of 74 years: Prince Philip who died in 2021 at the age of 99.

Amid the political scandal of Boris Johnson and his party during quarantine; the harsh effects of Brexit on the UK economy and society disillusioned with its leaders, the Platinum Jubilee will be an opportunity to meet again as citizens of the same country, overcome -even if only momentarily- differences and celebrate in style, a complete era in British history. .

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