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As children, we all have drawn maps with different countries, provinces, rivers and mountains. And now we always carry it with us, with Google Maps.

But Maps are used for more than just orienting ourselves, or learning geography. This curious map They will open your eyes to things you have never seen this way.

Cartography is an excellent visual tool for displaying information, and with a little imagination you can visualize more than just a country, mountains, or roads.

If you want to speed up your tasks on Google Maps and enable lesser-known features, check out this quick trick that will save you a lot of trouble.

After seeing this curious map, surely you see them differently.

You will have fun and learn new things with this wacky cartography. Guaranteed!

A curious map that will open your eyes

Internet Map 2021

Martin Vargic is a designer who has created dozens of fantasy map, dedicated to curious subjects such as maps of the effects of nuclear war, or separatist states.

Vargic has compiled some of them in the book Curious Map Atlas, for sale on Amazon.

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In the Internet Map 2021 collect hundreds of web pages and services, converted into countries. Their size depends on the visitors they have.

Archipelago group themes, such as search engines, browsers, etc. Each country collects words related to its topic, simulating a city. For example, in search engines are the most searched words.

Internet Map Access

Animated movies

This is another map by Martin Vargic.

This time he has placed 124 Most Popular Animated Movies Ever, in the place where they occur.

As we can see, most of them are set in the United States and England, as well as in Japan, which states that manufacturers sweep at home.

Only one, Cat with boots from Dreamworks, takes place in Spain.

Animated Movie Map Access

penis size

Web All sizes are important has put a finger on the wound, publishing average penis size in all countries, taken from medical data.

Is interactive map, and we’re afraid it feeds the stereotype… The average penis size in the world is 13.8 centimeters. The average rose in African countries and fell in Asia.

In Spain we can’t be too proud of ourselves. It reaches 13.6 centimeters, below the world average…

Sea of ​​Books

This is the XXI century, not only humans draw maps.

An Ocean of Books is a world map drawn by artificial intelligence where every island is a writer and every city is a book.

This AI has collected 113,008 authors and 145,162 books. and he has placed them on islands in an imaginary sea that is incompatible with Earth’s oceans. You can see it in this video:

These authors are grouped into islands according to gender: novels, health, science, history, poetry, entertainment, etc.

Within each island there are cities that represent a book by the author. Tapping on it opens a card with a summary of the book, and access to its file in Google Books. You can also tweet or Facebook entries.

Access An Ocean of Books

Countries by population

This is another rather odd map.

It was created by web Our World in Data, which is dedicated to creating maps and graphs with all kinds of data.

Here we can see countries in the world with a size proportional to their population. Asia grew dramatically, becoming the most populous continent.

India, China, Japan or Indonesia are much bigger than they really are.

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In contrast, the size of Europe shrank, and so did America. Germany and England are bigger than Spain or Italy.

It gives us a good perspective on how the population is distributed in the world.

Access Map of Countries by Population

Medieval Mars

We are used to terrestrial maps, but nothing prevents us from drawing another planet map.

Eleanor Lutz is a biologist who has created this curiosity mars map… as if it had been drawn in the Middle Ages.

Collect all known craters and landforms, as well as the landing zones of the Mars rover.

Access the Medieval Map of Mars

British Invasion

This map is very open in terms of understanding unique to Great Britain.

We can see the countries the British had tried to invade, throughout its history. Almost the whole planet!

From more than 220 countries in the world Telegraph It found that only 22 were not attacked by the British, most of them city-states such as the Vatican, Andorra or Monaco.

Map access


Even though it’s a few years old, it’s still a relevant map.

It shows us countries, based on billionaires who own, that is, they have more than $1 billion.

The country with the most billionaires is the United States, with 585, followed by China and Germany.

In 2018 there were 29 billionaires in Spain.

Access the Billionaire Map

What dinosaurs lived near the house?

He interactive map created by California paleontologists Ian Webster allows us to see what species of dinosaur lived millions of years ago in our city, or wherever we want to consult.

All we have to do is enter the city we want in the top left corner.

For example, if we enter Madrid, dinosaurs appear Losillasaurus, Draconyx and the Arcovenator. This means that these fossils have been found near Madrid, and therefore they lived in these areas in their day.

And as a gift, you will be able to see what the Earth was like millions of years ago.

Access Dinosaur Database

real africa

Sometimes it is difficult for us to calibrate the actual size of countries and continents. This map is amazing.

reveal us true size of Africa, by region. And it’s huge…

In Africa it fits all Europe, China, India and USA. And England practically fits in Madagascar …

Access Real Africa Map

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