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OSLO: Up to 18 degrees was reported in the capital on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday and Friday temperatures can reach 20 degrees in some places in southern Norway. Thus, the great danger of forest fires also continues.


Once again ready to find summer clothes. At least for a few days.

Now a high pressure ridge is coming in southern Norway.

staffjells will have the best weather in the next few days, and can expect temperatures up to 20 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

– It will be a little taste of summer. Over the weekend, the temperature dropped slightly, but remained at 13-15 degrees, said meteorologist Siri Wiberg.

In the capital, it was reported up to 18 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Otherwise, temperatures across southern Norway will hit 10-12 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

Winter doesn’t set in the north

In West Norway and in Trøndelag it will be wet on Friday, and there will be strong winds in Central Norway.

– We will see strong southwest winds on the coast, and it will also be cooler in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal, by about 5 degrees in Trondheim, said Wiberg.

Northern Norway, meanwhile, had “pretty much weather”, with low pressure only through the night into Friday.

– Nordland and Troms get the most wind and precipitation, but are moderately light, so there may be rain on Friday and Saturday. In Bod the temperature will be around 10 degrees on Friday, and 3-4 until the weekend.

On Sunday the temperature could drop to zero, and precipitation could be like snow today in Finnmark and Troms.

– Winter won’t last in the north, says Wiberg.

The danger of forest fires is still great

There is currently a grave danger of wildfires in southern Norway after a long time without rain, and the fire service is constantly moving to new fire hotspots.

– In West Norway, the fire hazard may be lost in some places due to rainfall, while the dry weather of Stafjell is maintained. It’s very dry now, say meteorologists.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued an orange warning for all of southern Norway. The fire department has asked people to drop disposable grills, and is encouraging everyone to be extra careful.

DESTROYED: A firefighter works on a forest fire between Enningdalen and Kornsjø on the Swedish border south of Halden on Monday this week.

– If you are going to travel in the forest and fields, then go ahead. But maybe the time is right to try something other than grilled sausage, said brigade commander Knut Halvorsen in the Oslo fire and rescue service to NTB on Tuesday.

So far this year, the fire service has responded to more than 600 assignments related to grass and forest fires. In Oslo alone, the fire service has moved on to nearly 50 such tasks.

– This is a pretty high number. It’s very dry now, Halvorsen said.

April this year was the ninth driest in Eastern Norway since 1900. The risk of forest fires is now at a much higher level than usual this year.

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