A race of boxers who make sparks above and below the ring

They are called show performers. Men and women who have bought the hearts of the public. They crossed borders, screens and even added new lovers to the glorious art.

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As the weekend approaches, we check out sporting events, go on virtual tours until something stops us from making us smile, surprise us or pique our curiosity. That’s when the perfect plan was formed and we started sending messages to lock up the accomplices: there’s a bully this weekend Can we meet at my house or yours? Should we eat one bite?

Over time, the figures break which leave marks outside the ring. Those who make turns while crossing the ropes or those who speak to the press while fighting. There appeared the man who provoked his rivals with jokes at the press conference, the man who showed off his dancing skills and managed to become an unattainable target for anyone’s punch. Or maybe the one who arrives on the throne in robes and crown to a stadium like at the entrance to Broadway. And even the sensitivity of poetry to gluttony on canvas.

Naseem Hamed

For example, think 15 September 2012 is to move to Martínez vs. Chávez Jr. as the smoke from the house announces a barbecue in the street with the television at full volume, the family bets playing the music before with picaditas in between to calm the hungry wait and the start of the boxing show. I pushed everything. The only thing I want is not to embarrass myself, the kid from Quilmes stated in front of the media that despite bringing over 20 fights and world titles, until then, he hasn’t reached every Argentine’s heart. But not only did he manage to dance to disco music in front of the camera, but at the same time he gave a new light to the sport of the pug nose, with great charisma and environmental sarcasm, when at a press conference with Julio César Chávez Jr. he gave him a bottle to make it look bad in public. This is to cite a contemporary example, but there are many more of this kind of boxer. wait…

If there’s anything we should be grateful for in technology, it’s likely that historical archives are available whenever we want. And surely the kids are laughing these days to see how the big man with the infectious smile, who happily sings Pio, Pio, Pa and speaks in crossed English, makes such funny faces at the legendary Muhammad Ali that it takes him laugh out loud at whoever is the most talkative of all time. Ringo Bonavena did it. And more than his performances in the ring, Ringo conquered the whole world and Ali himself.


If we call the nickname The Untouchable, who do you think? Surely you’ve drawn a mental picture of that half bald, from the little heavy leagues. That one, moving with his torso with his hands down, retreated at a rapid pace with a rhythmic body movement and his eyes widened as his eyebrows rose to indicate to the opposing boxer that he had missed his hit. attack. . Yes, it’s the same as you think. How could you not remember Nicolino Loche! A show of defensive dexterity that not only leaves mouths hanging open in amazement, but also steals laughs out of desperation from those who can’t even shoot the fast Mendoza.

Nicolino Loche BDP2

Let’s change the continent. We’re going to England. Do you have it? There he rammed in the air after dancing after leaving Aztec Enrique Angeles lying in the second half. They called him Prince and he even earned praise from Michael Jackson from boxing after one of his eccentric and grandiose entrances to the stadium: Thrillers made chairs vibrate and he walked into the ring hitting the air and Halloween masks. Always in pinstripe shorts and also hard to catch. Ladies and gentlemen… Naseem Hamed! 90’s showman icon. This was one of those who adopted the throne as transportation on the way to the fight.

What if there were more? Uff… This kind of fighter who made, and actually still makes, the sport of boxing a show without a hitch, creating magic in packed stadiums or through screens, to the point that every day new fans join in.

We’re on a long list of Sergio Victor Palma, possessing a huge capacity for transformation when going from playing guitar or writing poetry, to being fierce on the strings. There’s Marcos Maidana, who needs nothing more than hitting the cement of his fists to wow the crowd and then eat the alfajor as it did at the end of one of the clashes against another leader of eccentricity of the last decade, Floyd Mayweather.

Marcos Maidana BDP2

If we go to their side, we have Yesica Tuti Bopp. Which graced various performances such as a walk into the ring at Luna Park or at the José María Gatica de Avellaneda Stadium, accompanied by a few neon-lit dolls or when he walked in with the Concordian carnival troupe dancing and, obviously, showing his teeth in a big shopping smile. The shameless sincerity of Alejandra Oliveras’ public vocabulary also won hearts. You’ll be showing local talent, but we should also mention one of the current female strengths that also lives in North America: Claressa Shields dressed as the warrior queen who is about to meet Ivana Habazin.

Yesica BoppBDP2

To quote us in today’s Argentine boxing, what boxers or boxers can we name as part of a unique race of showmen?

Taking into account that the character must not cross a certain limit that causes a lack of respect like the insult given by Caleb Plant at a press conference with Saúl Canelo lvarez. On the national front, we can say we have some glimpses of those who, like Ncolás Andino, use the drop guard style that shakes the shoulders, or as Rodrigo Ruiz That Paul Corzo who dances while boxing with dyed hair and flashy clothes. Extraordinary fighter of 2021 added Celeste Alaniz, who goes by the nickname Chucky trying to impose an image above all else through social networks. This last important point of analysis…


When everything is set from virtuality, boxers make more noise from different socializing platforms like Instagram: training, activities or daily life situations are shown, revealing intimacy, challenges to other people or other fighters. However, most of the time, everything remains in what we see through a computer or mobile phone screen. It’s hard to hit with some artistic display, so to speak, from a glove that generates incredible appeal in and out of the ring.


Another amazing asterisk of the day: the so-called youtuber turned into a boxer who had generated quite a stir in virtuality, transferring him to the ring with a huge influx of spectators who were not fighting fans. They have achieved what Alí, Hamed, Loche, Bonavena, Maravilla Martínez, produced in their time: to renew followers in the stands, even the sidewalks hear their name, that the whole world wants to light a fire to meet to see them on television .

Of course there must be awareness that boxing not played and that one should not wear gloves, much less in inequality, but … the gentle fresh air that these events brought, which did not belong to pugilism, to the noble arts of the world – they were even scorned by showmen such as Mayweather – it’s undeniable. So … always put I appreciate and professionalismCould this billboard be good for boxing? Will we again have a beautiful Argentinian setting records beyond the borders?

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