A ‘roomba’ ran away from a hotel while cleaning and they found out a day later

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Technology has brought not only extraordinary advances in human history, but also very interesting moments. In Spain itself we have witnessed several. The latter has happened in Cambridge, United Kingdom and won’t leave you indifferent: a robotic vacuum cleaner has ‘escaped’ from a hotel appeared all day later.

As reported by local media, the Travelodge hotel located in Orchard Park had an accident because Let the robot cleaners escape from them. One of the tools they usually use to clean is ‘jumping over’ the hotel perimeter, because they have to avoid going out through the hotel door. The device just got away with it.

This, of course, has caused various reactions on the Internet because of this prank. Even the hotel employee has given a statement that makes all sorts of jokes about it, ensuring that the device simply “runs for its life”.

A ‘roomba’ escapes

The incident occurred last Thursday at the Travelodge hotel, in the Orchard Park area, in Cambridge (United Kingdom). Hotel automatic cleaning devices should not pass through hotel doors. In fact, this is your limit, for obvious reasons. The big problem is that the little robot would rather skip that size.

Robot aspirador de Aldi.



The strangest thing about this matter is that they are not aware of the problem until almost the next day. The search was initially fruitless. According to a statement to the media What Mirror That BBC, this device usually “detects the edge of the entrance to the hotel and turns around, but this one prefers to run away”, as the main assistant manager details. “Today we have one of our new robotic vacuum cleaners running for its life,” he added.

As stated Mixx.io, not a single hotel employee noticed his escape. Obviously, soon the battery runs out and left outside the hotel, in the park. Not until the hotel gardener finds it under the bush, really dusty and turned off.

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smart pet feeder

smart pet feeder


While it’s true that this has spawned all sorts of jokes, it’s still a reminder of how unpredictable technology can be sometimes. This is far from the first time a tech device has failed, leaving hilarious consequences, but otherwise it could be much more serious, especially if there are bad actors involved.

One of the most famous (and saddest) examples exploded at the end of 2019, when it was discovered that the group hacker they have dedicated themselves to attack automatic cat feeder The problem is so serious that the brand responsible for this device like Xiaomi has to take action to avoid a major problem.

And even the actions of this external agent class are not required. The inclusion of touchscreens in the latest generation of cars (replacing classic analog controls) has given rise to a rather heated debate about whether they are actually more efficient or if they are a distraction for the driver.

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