a thorn in the side that the World’s Best Chef can’t get rid of

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Dabiz Muñoz (42 years old) has struggled for years to put his cuisine and his particular way of understanding gastronomy at the top. A dream come true last September, when the 2021 Top Best Chef Awards, held in Amsterdam, confirmed him as “The best chef in the world” after years of “creativity, dedication and hard work”, as he puts it.

This Saturday, January 15th, the most famous chef on the national scene, also thanks to his relationship with Cristina Pedroche (33) celebrates the return of the sun full of personal and professional success thanks to his business, in which he has a thorn stuck in him that he cannot get rid of.

The Madrilenian Empire, which can boast 3 Michelin stars, is based on four successful businesses: DiverXO, roadXO, that GoXO (in Madrid and Barcelona) and two food truck located in the capital. Apart from a few products sold in supermarkets and, during the Christmas season, a selection of nougat and roscone.

A success that more than one person would be very satisfied with but Dabiz Muñoz failed. On more than one occasion he has shared his desire to go further and expand his influence beyond the borders of Spain. Job ambitions that not only fail to produce results, but are also dizzying, because regardless of the urge has failed to plant the seeds of ‘XO’ on the international scene.

Dabiz Muñoz at his local DiverXO, in Madrid.


Looks like he’ll get it in London, where landed in 2016 with StreetXO, an investment of four million euros and a great desire to surprise and make British people fall in love. However, neither the taste of the cuisine nor the decoration of the place has its roots in the country Isabel II (95) and, after much difficulty and little benefit, decided final closing in december 2020.

“Looking at what’s happening in England, we have to stay closed, and it will take my other business forward,” he told Cadena Ser in February last year, referring to Brexit. “We have to decide what to do with it. The last year and a half there we’ve managed to paint the income statement, but we have to decide what’s smart. Coolly decide what is smart. What is smart, take a step back to take two steps forward? Let one ship sink and sink the entire fleet? What’s smart is what I do,” he said.

Four years later, he thus ended his desired expansion, in which his wife was also involved, who did not hesitate to act as an investor to facilitate this adventure.

Focus on national business

For now, it seems that Dabiz Muñoz has put off his desire for international expansion, leaving for another time the goal he stated in 2015 to get his name and settled in London, New York and Asia. Seven years later, despite the fact that he announced that his landing in Manhattan would take place in late 2016 and, in the East, in 2016, only in Spain where he managed to establish himself.

Even so, it didn’t go badly for him, and in both Madrid and Barcelona his restaurant was a total success, of course, he shared with Cristina Pedroche, his best ambassador and right-hand man.

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