According to the head of Alfa Romeo in the UK, the brand is not being sold because of its image as a sports car manufacturer

Alfa Romeo facing an uncertain future, although perhaps taking advantage of developments Stellantis and all its technology, until the end of the decade is profitable or, conversely, to see how more than 100 years of history close. Launching alpha tone This is one of the moves made to achieve that goal, and it is also the first Alfa Romeo to be equipped with a hybrid powertrain.

Theoretically, Alfa Romeo plans to double sales and to do this, apparently, it plans to focus on being less emotional, more conventional, in order to attract a more “general” and wider audience. This was confirmed by the head of the brand in the UK, Damian Dally, who spoke to the UK from Autocar, also commenting that Alfa buyers in the UK are middle-aged men who are seduced by the car’s performance image. brand, but, nevertheless, that image limits its sales.

According to Dally, the new Tonale and its hybrid versions, as well as the future Alfa Romeo Brenero, which will bring with it the Italian company’s first electric car, will help rebrand that image and increase sales, attracting more women and more families. .

This is a challenge for Alfa, because we are seen as a sports brand. I think we need to spread Alpha’s story to a wider audience while remaining pure in what we do.”. – Damian Dally, head of Alfa Romeo in the UK, speaking to Autocar

However, to avoid misunderstandings, Dally also stated that the brand will never abandon its sporty spirit, among others believing in the traditional sports sedan format, the type of car that helped popularize Alfa. the second half of the 20th century and is still offered with the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The fact is that such an idea seems far-fetched, because BMW sells as it sells, among other things, because of its sporty image. The real problem with Alfa Romeo is the brand’s reputation for unreliability and poor customer service, in stark contrast to BMW (since we mentioned it, we use it as a reference). And it’s that petty image of reliability, to be exact, that’s holding back the brand’s sales and not its sporting spirit (according to JD Power, it’s the worst brand in terms of reliability among all Premium brands and according to a survey in the United States). Kingdom, 29 out of every 100 cars usually have faults). In fact, if they didn’t have that kind of fame, Alfa Romeo would sell their cars like churros just for the design. The rest will be extra.

Luckily, at least from his company is Mr. Jean-Philippe Imparato, who made Peugeot what it is today and who made it very clear that the quality of the Alfa Romeo had to be improved in order to sell more. Imparato launched a series of measures to improve car quality and has reviewed its entire dealer network in the United States to improve customer service.

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