Ada Hegerberg – Too big for Norway

GIRL’S FOOTBALL brilliant early in EC with the occasional sparkly attacking play. This team rarely plays more entertaining attacking football.

Because here you don’t have to care that Northern Ireland’s opponents are both naive and generous in their championship debut. After all, it takes a lot of effort and quality to decide a match at this level in just half an hour:

  • Norway has that quality with Ada Hegerberg confident and reuniting as a centre-forward in the national team.

Against Northern Ireland, he was absolutely central in the opening game, lifting his team-mates with a series of clever passes and moves and could be played at the top of the game throughout. It was fun to watch, and it just so happened that he himself didn’t score in this 4-1 win:

He seems like a much more mature player than last time in the national teamsaid TV2 expert commentator Solveig Gulbrandsen.

That’s what was said. Where was Hegerberg five years ago for good for Norway, meanwhile the team has grown around him. Whether the growth is strong enough to make us the top team in this championship, we’ll see in a few weeks.

Even with one of the world’s most dangerous centre-forwards on the team, the women’s national team may still rely on that development to step up again in the medal race.

Ada Hegerberg is all of his qualities despite being a player who only needs a stable and strong offensive team around him.

A NUMBER OF A few hours before the start of yesterday’s EC, Egil Drillo Olsen also came up with a clear critique of the Norwegian girls’ style of play:

I think we used our two stars forward too littleDrillo told Dagbladet by referring to what he saw during the team’s final test before the EC in the practice match against Denmark.

According to his well-known footballing taste, there is too much movement in his own area before the forward is involved:

I see that Martin Sjögren has a slightly different football philosophy than Ståle Solbakken and Lars Lagerbäckthe coaching legend went on to describe the way the Norwegian Swedish national team manager likes to attack, explaining:

In the balance between controlling and keeping the ball in the team – and the breakthrough – I think we were too far on the control side and too little on the breakthrough sideDrillo stated, but at the same time added that he is not up to date on international women’s football.

It is deeply regretted. Because it would be nice to hear how he himself will use Ada Hegerberg and Caroline Graham Hansen to get the full effect of two of EC’s best offensive players.

Perhaps especially how he connected Hegerberg with the rest of the team.


FOR now Norway has regained one of its wisest attacking players. Yes, some Swedish experts believe that Ada Hegerberg is also the championship’s best player overall.

Just a month ago, he was absolutely decisive when Lyon demolished Barcelona in the Champions League final. The Norwegian superstar’s understanding of football and finishing skills was of the highest quality in a final where the level of sport around him was mediocre.

So it doesn’t seem reasonable enough that connoisseurs of international women’s football are now wary of launching Norway among the EC favourites.

REASON skepticism is the lack of connection between the offensive skills of stars Ada Hegerberg and Caroline Graham Hansen up front and the rest of the team. The combination certainly worked against Northern Ireland, but it’s an inexperienced opposition that doesn’t necessarily reflect the challenges that come against the better nations.

The last time Ada played in the championship for Norway was in 2017, the difference in quality was so great that the attacking star couldn’t handle it. In a mix of feelings about Norway’s poor investment in women’s football and the sport’s own difficulties, the tournament ended in complete failure.

During a weak group stage, he was clearly frustrated with his fellow players on the pitch, and followed up by cutting off all cooperation with the rest of the national team for five whole years. While the other teams did a good WC in 2019 where they reached the quarter-finals.

Norway has a playroom!

Norway has a playroom!

THIS SPRING Ada Hegerberg declared himself ready to play for the national team again. Apparently in better emotional balance, but with the same sporting challenges as last time:

  • He relies on the good levels around him to make the most of his qualities.

For Ada Hegerberg is not the type of striker who scores goals without results. Where Erling Braut Haaland of the men’s national team in a similar position does a lot on his own and often only needs a few game points to get his chance quickly, There’s more to reflect on his surroundings.

That has made him very effective as a striker in a top-flight team like Lyon, but has provided a challenge for the Norwegian national team against the best nations.

Sometimes he’s sporty too good for Norway.

Three players shine

Three players shine

AS attacking type, he reminds a little of Ole Gunnar Solskjær. At the time, it was a mystery that Manchester United’s top scorer had not become more important as a finisher for the Norwegian national team.

This was a golden age for Norwegian football boys. After United brought in Solskjær from Molde in 1996, Norway were in two play-offs with no finisher declared certain to score.

in the toilet in France 1998 he came off the pitch without a goal in the opening match against Morocco, being an unused substitute against Scotland and then coming on for the final twenty minutes against Brazil and Italy.

During the European Championship play-offs two years later, Ole Gunnar Solskjær played everything in a Norwegian team struggling with offensive play, although progress from the group first came to extra time after a disappointing 0 – 0 against Slovenia in the last game.

Misunderstood genius: Ronaldo won't escape the EC flop easily

Misunderstood genius: Ronaldo won’t escape the EC flop easily

IN THIS Norway’s golden age, Solskjær also could not determine the most important qualifying match. With 23 goals in 67 games, he overall has a good goal average also in the national team. But in the greatest moments where Norway has been under pressure, his unique goal-scoring talent has rarely been decisive.

Then he struggles to adapt to a style of play where attacking thinking is based on the transitions of the Drillo era. Because of that no his usual dominance of play from Manchester United, and that means he can use his special skills more often in the opponent’s box.

EC Failure: We lost because the boys still don't want the girls to win

EC Failure: We lost because the boys still don’t want the girls to win

THAT that’s where comparisons with Ada Hegerberg come in. While Solskjær became more effective per minute of play at a dominant United, Ada had all of Lyon’s success though; failed to follow up on his first promising championship for Norway in 2013 European Championship and 2015 WC.

The odds are better there now. Much to the progress of Caroline Graham Hansen, and the more deliberate use of the Barcelona star early on.

Against Northern Ireland, he preferred to lower himself a bit to launch the best attack, and thus hooked on Ada Hegerberg. In addition, Guro Reiten is in good form on the left flank, and gives Norway an attacking line at the top level of EC.

But if this line is connected often enoughwe won’t get an answer until the game against home favorites England on Monday.

Dramatic showdown with Norwegian football: - Must destroy an uncultured culture

Dramatic showdown with Norwegian football: – Must destroy an uncultured culture

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