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According to a report published in Business Insider, Amazon could reach Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria and Belgium over the next year.

This is the so-called ‘Salsa Project’, which consists of bringing the company to two Latin American countries. The launch, then, would be Amazon’s first in Latin America and Africa.

The media also revealed that the North American platform already has a schedule detailing Amazon’s arrival in this part of the world. There, Colombia is scheduled for February 2023, while Chile is in April of the same year.

Also, the same dates are set for South Africa (February) and Nigeria (April). While in Belgium it will arrive a few months earlier, in September 2022. This means that Amazon will have a presence in 20 different countries as well as in emerging markets when it comes to e-commerce.

What are the implications of the Amazon’s arrival in Chile?

If the Insider report is correct, the platform will install a special sales catalog for Chile and that will imply cheaper shipping and a more convenient buying process. This is because there is no need to pay for international shipping anymore.

However, this method can mean less profit for the company, as prices will change. The risk is that the income range will be low compared to the US, UK and Japan.

At this time, Amazon has not confirmed the veracity of the information, which may depend on whether consumers in Chile and the other named countries are potential buyers to live up to the company’s expectations. Although its expansion is expected.

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