Amazon will present its first supermarket in Spain without ATM

Amazon He has been testing the boxless supermarket model in the United States for several years and now wants to bring this model to Spain, among other countries. Company founded by Jeff Bezos has announced that will open 260 physical stores, Amazon Go Calls, in the next three years in various countries in the world, including Spain. Although, it is possible that the first Amazon ‘Go’ in our country will not arrive until 2024.

American company will make its main landing in England, where it will open 60 stores by 2022 and another 100 between 2023 and 2024. Although, it will be necessary to see if it finally lives up to expectations, as this year it was planned to launch 36 Amazon Gos in the UK and, ultimately, only six opened. Another 100 unboxed companies will be located between Germany, Italy and Spain. After all, the e-commerce giant’s next goal is to do physical combat. To do this, he wanted to start in England, where his main rivals were Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Although it is unknown how many shops will open in each European country and when they will open, the truth is Spain is on Amazon’s radar and the first store will open before the end of 2024. However, it is possible that the opening could be even earlier, as the company has not yet detailed its country-by-country plans.

How does Amazon Go work?

The most striking thing about these shops was, to be exact, they don’t have box. To sign in, you must have the Amazon Go app, which is linked to our normal Amazon account. Inside we will find a QR code that we will use to unlock the entrance door. Once at the supermarket, You just need to select the product you want and the product is added directly to our virtual cart thanks to the technology Amazon uses in supermarkets, which consist of complex camera systems. After we left the place, all products will be charged to our account and we don’t have to queue to pay, even take the product out of our pocket.

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