An elderly couple who won the lottery and donated part of the prize to the school

Winning the lottery makes everyone happy, no matter how old they are. Theresa Picton-Clark, a worker for the equine therapy project ‘Project Pny’ in the UK, and her husband John recently won a British National Lottery, million euro jackpot. As shown from official website from the administration, the lucky one revealed that from the very first moment he celebrated his win in the best way he knew how, dancing. And Picton-Clark is a big fan of ballroom dancing.

Their case was completely coincidental, as they bought tickets on their way to the hardware store to buy stuff for their new kitchen. They stop at the gas station and John picks up a lottery ticket because you never know if you’ll be lucky this time. Even though the draw was on Sunday, January 9th, her husband didn’t check the combination until the next day, which was when the cashier warns that he can’t take the prize because that’s too much. “We thought it could be around £50,000, but in the end we found it was a million,” remembers the lucky one.

Dreams and donations

“The neighbors saw us jumping, dancing and celebrating in our house. They asked us what we were doing and when we told them about our win they ended up celebrating with us,” the 70-year-old explained. Several bottles of champagne opened in the garden and spend the day celebrating. “My husband, John, didn’t wake up until three in the afternoon the next day,” she said.

A few days later, her husband, John, returned to the shop where he had bought the tickets and gave the clerk £100 as a thank you for selling the winning tickets. In addition, the couple have helped friends and family to meet small expenses and have decided donate a portion of the prize for the purchase of a computer at a local school.

Theresa Picton-Clark was already thinking about buying a new dress and shoes to get back on the dance floor, while John was eyeing a suit. On the other hand, they were arguing trip to Antarctica and other holidays with their grandchildren.

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