And political asylum for Julian Assange?

Earlier this year, on January 4, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that it will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to carry out a request procedure to the UK government possibly Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks will be released and Mexico will offer him political asylum. However, almost a year after this declaration, no one in the so-called Fourth Transformation government knew about the President’s order. When requesting, under the Transparency Act, any documentation of the case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally reported that it submitted requests for information to the European Directorate General and the Mexican Embassy in the UK, but “after a thorough search of their files and records, they did not find any information, as no documents related to what was requested have been issued or received”. Could it be that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carefully analyzed this presidential order and chose to disobey it to avoid the risk of a diplomatic confrontation? Or, right away, someone in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs misplaced this presidential order?

The case of rivers, who lowers the temperature?

Arrest of the Technical Secretary of the Senate Political Coordination Body (Jucopo) in Veracruz, Jose Manuel del Rio, who was accused by the State Attorney General’s Office of involvement in the murder – last June – of Remigio Tovar, the Citizens Movement (MC) candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera, has opened in the Senate two official defense blocks. One, who seeks conciliation with the government led by Moreno Cuitláhuac Garcia, where the senator intervenes Ricardo Monreal, president of Jucopo and leader of the Morena assembly, and Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez. And the second is the one consisting of the coordinators of the opposition parliament who supported Monreal’s position and asked him to solve the Del Río case, because they pointed out that in the investigation folder no testimonies were collected representing direct allegations, but only. They are personal observations that the man who is now in custody is related to the definition of nomination. It is important to see if one of these two blocks works and manages to get the mercury down to the thermometer, as the temperature of the clashes between Monreal and García’s morenistas have reached feverish levels.

Jaloneo by Morena nomination

They tell us that the election over who will be Morena’s candidate for the disputed governorship in 2022, got intense at dawn on Thursday. Morena’s national leadership, who heads Mario Delgado, have to juggle to balance gender equality. They tell us that no one wants to give up and that the intensity is greatest in the cases of Aguascalientes, Durango and Oaxaca. Well, in the first two states, men, who are better positioned in the measurements, don’t want to let women pass. The same thing happened in the case of Oaxaca, but in that entity they ended up giving the nomination to a male suitor and the dissatisfied was the candidate. What is interesting, however, is that that morning while names were still being worked out, a group of “rioters” appeared outside the hotel where the meeting was being held. Some feel it is there for what it can offer. Who sent them?

Santa Claus arrives in INE

This December 25th, they informed us that various “civic associations” would appear at the National Electoral Institute’s facilities to submit, they assured, the more than one million signatures they had collected from among citizens in support of the implementation of the revocation of the mandate. . These are the Organizations That Follow Democracy, chaired by the former Head of ABRI, Gabriel Jimenez, and Alianza Patriótica por la 4T, from Ricardo Peralta. Both said that they would carry the signature that was handed out in the box, which had to be reviewed and endorsed by the electoral body, which had to prove it was genuine, and above all, a living and real person.

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