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How do you remember, version Android Auto It is no longer usable on smartphones, even for devices with Android version 12, only available on touch screens in cars, but some vehicles are not compatible with this application developed by Google. For this reason, a new Google Assistant driving mode was created, do you want to know how to test it? We will explain from Depor below.

The reason why Google made it Android Auto stopped being compatible with mobile devices, is that bad? many users believe so, because there is a large group of drivers who use Android Auto on their mobile screens because their car screens are not compatible with the above-mentioned applications.

In order not to leave the driver without options, a new driving mode has been added in Google Assistant and Google Maps, you just need Android 9.0 or higher version and 4 GB RAM memory. The purpose of this mode is to keep you from being distracted while driving, you will do everything through voice commands, for example: you will ask him to guide you to a certain place, send SMS text messages, answer calls, etc.


  • Before using it, you must activate it first. make sure that Google Maps has no pending updates.
  • Go to Google maps and click on your profile picture located in the top right corner.
  • Access “Settings” or “Configuration”, you find them by the gear or gear icon.
  • Then tap the option labeled “Navigation Settings” > “Google Assistant Settings”.
  • In this section you have to configure how you want the driving mode to be started: “When moving on Google Maps”, when you start navigation with Google Maps, the mode will be activated automatically; “By connecting to Bluetooth, the mode will also start automatically when you connect your phone to the car Bluetooth, another option is that Android prompts you before starting.
  • There is an additional method, you just have to repeat it out loud”Hey Google let’s go for a ride” one of “Hi Google I want to go to (destination)

It is important to clarify that the driving mode is only available in some countries such as: Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, USA, France, India, Italy, Mexico or UK, may reach other countries in the world. in future updates.


  • Open the app Google (not Google Chrome).
  • Tap your profile picture icon at the top right.
  • A mini window will appear with various functions, please click “Settings” > “Google Assistant”.
  • Scroll down and tap “Hey Google and Voice Match”.
  • Finally, enable the toggle labeled “Hey Google”. This will cause you to call the Google Assistant every time you hear the “Ok Google” voice command.

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