Antenna 3 is already preparing the second edition of ‘I see how you sing’

This format already appeared in the last issue of MIPCOM at Cannes as one of the most adapted programs of the past year. In addition, it was nominated for the 44th Emmy Awards in the Best Entertainment Program category, as well as the 2020 Venice TV Awards in the same category. A format adaptation will be produced again by Atresmedia Televisión and Warner Bros. ITVP Spain.

The format, whose production company CJ ENM was born in South Korea, the country of origin of the ‘mask singer’, has had more than 20 adaptations worldwide, including already broadcast and commissioned versions. The program has been successful with audiences including the United States (FOX) which has just aired its second season, the United Kingdom (BBC), which has produced its second edition, Germany (RTL), the Netherlands (RTL4) or Korea, where the ninth edition will be released. released soon.

Brought to you by Manel Fuentes, first edition ‘I see how you sing‘ premiered last September and achieved a 16.9% viewer share and over 1.7 million viewers on its first day of broadcast. Coming back to Antenna 3 soon with some news to continue to surprise viewers.

Mysterious singer or con artist?

‘I see how you sing’ is a guesswork music show in which, with the help of a group of famous celebrities and guest artists, a contestant must guess whether the “mystery singer” is a good or bad vocalist, without hearing them sing. Just because of his appearance, the way he moves, his lip-sync or his attitude on stage.

With the help of a series of clues, and the opinions and comments of advisors and guest artists that differ in each program, the contestant will fight for the prize money for which he will need a good dose of intuition, analysis of details and good humor.

Singers with excellent artistic qualities, poor vocalists, hit songs of the time, funny commentary, wit and lots of humor go hand in hand in this new program of music, celebrity, pure entertainment and intuition.

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