Apple will be taking a walk in Valencia this summer to improve its maps compared to Google Maps

Apple Maps was one of the protagonists of the last Apple WWDC, however, one of the platform’s most useful and most developed features is Panoramic View. It allows users to walk through cities around the world virtually the same way Street View does on Google Maps. Now a Cupertino company Valencia will be visited this summer to add details to the catalog of cities in Spain.

[La función de Google Maps que te evitará multas y deberías tener activada]

As explained by the company, starting this Friday, July 15 and through the end of September, hikers carrying backpacks that integrate LiDAR cameras and sensors to collect images and LiDAR sensors will be visible. data in the pedestrian area which can be used to create up-to-date two-dimensional maps.

With these measurements on foot, the company will reach a corner of the capital Turia where cars don’t arrive between February and April, the month in which The Apple Maps vehicle drove around Valencia and Alicante to get them to Vista Panoramic.

Valencia thus becomes the third city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona where the Apple Maps team goes to get the city with maximum precision and detail. After Apple has finished collecting information, it will be possible to consult on the map of the area where the data has been taken, as was the case in both capital of spainfor like in County town.

Beyond collecting data through backpackers, Apple Maps has taken your car this year to Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Seville, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Navarra, A Coruña, Pontevedra, Bizkaia and Murcia.

As usual in the company’s measurements, both in vehicles and those made with backpacks, everything is subject to Apple’s privacy protocol that obscures car license plates and faces. Even so, the company provides users with the possibility to consult privacy measures one of contact Apple directly.

The Spain tour is part of the company’s global ambition to provide its cartographic services with more functionality and detail than ever before. Before landing in the country, Apple Maps has passed the United States, England or France.

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