April Fools’ Day or Fool’s Day: what is it and how did the celebration originate?

April Fools’ Day or Fool’s Day: what is it and how did the celebration originate? Photo: Getty Images

Every April 1st, at United States of Americacelebrated on April Fool’s Day or Fool’s Day, a time where all kinds of jokes are played. This date, in the United States, is compared to what, for years, has been done in Mexico in the framework of the Day of the Innocent. But What is it and how did this holiday originate? Unotv.com tells you.

What is April Fools?

That April Fool’s Day or Fool’s Day unleash the ingenuity of citizens United States of Americabecause this is the time where pranks are allowed on friends and relatives. Even some companies and important company add to celebration.

Such is the relevance of today United States of Americaalluded to in cartoons or films that give greater popularity to April mop.

What is the origin of Fool’s Day?

There are several theories that discuss the origin of April mop, which is similar to the Day of the Innocent celebrated in Mexico, because of the jokes. Some suggested that it was related to the festival Saturnalia de Romawhile others claim that it is actually due to a change in calendar.

Historians confirmed that the party atmosphere April Fool’s Day, or Fool’s Daythe date from 1560, when the calendar underwent modifications in France, switching from Julian to Gregorian, which changed New Year until January, when it is celebrated at the end of March.

although April mop starts on Francethen the tradition of joking moved to Great Britain, who installed it in the colony they had in America and what we know today as United States of America.

And since then it’s common to make jokes between friends and loved onessome are more complicated than others, but with a strong intention to make people laugh and have fun nice moment.

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