Argentina reaffirms its sovereignty over the Malvinas and asks to “continue negotiations” with the UK

The National Government asked the UK to “continue negotiations” on sovereignty in the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich, while condemns the “unwarranted military presence” of British troops in the areawhile commemorating the Day of Assertion of Argentina’s Rights to the Territory.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they added in a statement that “recovery from effective exercise our sovereignty, in accordance with international law and respecting the way of life of its inhabitants, is the permanent and inalienable goal of the Argentine peopleas set out in the first transitional provisions of our National Constitution.

Also, the Argentine government reaffirmed his invitation to the UK to “continue negotiations on the Isles issue Malvinas in the provisions established by Resolution 2065 and other relevant resolutions issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

«It is necessary to stop the exploration and exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources unilaterally in the disputed territory, in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 31/49, as well as the unjustified presence of the British military in the South Atlantic,” the Palacio San Martín statement added.

Yesterday, during his speech at the IX Americas Summit to be held in Los AngelesUnited States President Alberto Fernández renewed Argentina’s “legitimate rights” claim to the Malvinas and the islands of the South Atlantic.

“We continue to claim through diplomatic channels the legal rights we have over our Malvinas Islands. We continue to believe in dialogue”,

Fernandez commented.

In one of the most prominent parts of his speech, Argentina’s head of state make a rest notification from the leaders present at the summit (including the US president, Joe Biden), that the islands don’t appear on the map of America which is part of the Regional Conference logo.


National Executive Officers commemorate this day Affirmation of sovereignty in official actions and with messages on social networks.

Defense ministers, Jorge Taiana; and Science, Daniel Filmus; and Malvinas secretary, Guillermo Carmona; going to memorial at Palacio San Martínin which they simultaneously point out that Britain’s “reluctance” to enter into negotiations is countered by more than 180 years of “Argentine persistence”.

Taiana stressed that “persistence” also has “continuity in history” which recognizes no comparison with other sovereign claims in the world.

“In the case of Malvinas, persistence is allowed because no Argentine authority has ever recognized or approved of the occupation. One can argue about the tone, but no one agrees with the occupation«, highlight the head of the Defense portfolio

Carmona remembers that Argentina has, since the British annexation (beginning with Malvinas on January 3, 1833) the same position of «demand» incessant sovereignty” over the archipelago and stated that “colonialism is an anachronism in the 21st century”.

“The question has come up time and time again. How long will Argentina have to defend its claim? In the face of England’s silence, Argentina’s tenacity».

the secretary pointed.

For his part, Filmus remembers thate the invasion of England in the 1830s was motivated by economic interests associated with the commercialization of whale oil and demonstrates that the perpetuation of this colonial enclave, nearly two centuries later, responded to the same circumstances but with a different kind of product.

Earlier, Taiana led the action held at the Plaza de Armas building Libertadorin which he stressed that “the Argentine people support the claim of restoring the full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas” and assured that “sooner or later we will restore it.”


Meanwhile, officials, governors, and the leadership of the Front of All (FdT) reaffirmed the claim to sovereignty through various messages posted on the social network Twitter.

«On the Day of Affirmation of Argentina’s Rights to the Malvinas, Islands and Antarctic Sector, we ratify the peaceful claim to the full exercise of our sovereignty. There is no place for colonialism in the 21st century. #MalvinasNosUne”, he wrote on his account Minister of Foreign Affairs Santiago Caffeero.

Chief of staff, Juan Manzurostressed that “we Argentineans and Argentineans are united in reaffirming our sovereignty over the Malvinas, Islands and Antarctic Sector” and added: “We will continue to work, through dialogue, until our country restores its territorial integrity.”

Governor of Tierra del FuegoAntarctica and the South Atlantic Islands – whose jurisdiction includes the Malvinas and other disputed territories –, Gustavo Melellajoins the motto “Malvinas unites us” and reaffirms that sovereign rights are “inalienable and permanent”.

Governor of Neuquen Omar Gutiérrez He stated: “We maintain our permanent and inalienable determination with great power to restore the full exercise of sovereignty over the Archipelago through peaceful means of diplomatic negotiations.”

Also Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodissaid that “as Alberto Fernández put it, at the Americas summit we will continue to claim sovereignty over the territory that was, is, and will belong to Argentina.”

Governor of La Pampa, Sergio Ziliotto He proposed “damaging memory”, and justified: “The reaffirmation of Argentina’s right to the Malvinas is not only a question of sovereignty or strategy, but also a way of honoring veterans.”

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