Argentina rejects “Malvinas” as an independent member of the sports federation

Amid Argentina’s historic claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and the South Atlantic region, new efforts are being made to advance national sovereignty. Sports federations cross the line by giving entities to associations “Islas Malvinas” independently and recognizes it as a “full member”.

This is the International Table Tennis Federation which, despite opposition to Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Federation of these sports, made the decision to include the Falkland Islands as a “full member”. Under this rule, the territory of Argentina appears in its organizational chart as an independent member. “That Falklands Kepulauan Islands as a member, now. We are submitting related notes, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to put our position on this issue,” he said Disclosure Fernando Joffre, president Argentine Table Tennis Federation.

In a trial that took place last week, the President delivered a long release in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairsl National Olympic Committee where the rules of the Federation itself are emphasized. “There cannot be two federations representing our country”, added Joffre who also closed: “They can also do it under the British flag, but they are presenting this. And we don’t agree.”

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Regarding the next steps, after what was conveyed by the president of the Argentine Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs followed up on this through: Guillermo Carmona, in charge of the Malvinas, Antarctic and South Atlantic Secretariats. On this occasion, as Joffre explained to this media, the International Table Tennis Federation’s quest was “to have multiple affiliations, even though those affiliations don’t even have athletes.” In this regard, he also added that it would be very difficult to have a cross with this team because “The Islands will not join the South American Confederation.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was already involved in the event and, in a statement that it agreed to Disclosure, confirmed that through the Argentine Embassy in Bern a protest note was submitted “rejecting the inclusion of consideration of that affiliation (which should be” Falkland Islands “). In the same text the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that” lThe Argentine Table Tennis Federation has been a member of the International Table Tennis Federation since 1947 and represents the entire Argentine national territory -including the Falkland Islands, which are part of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands- The Argentine Republic rejected this merger, due to the fact that it implies the surrender of the Falkland Islands to third parties as if they were a separate entity from our country, as well as ignorance of the existence of sovereignty disputes recognized by the United Nations and other countries. international forum. The refusal is in the process of being formally communicated to the ITTF through appropriate diplomatic channels.”

The desperate search for legitimacy on the part of the so-called “Falklands” led to the presentation of several teams. This is not the first time this has happened at the sporting level. For example, in the Badminton tournament in Brazil a team also appeared under the name “Falklands”. At that time there was a formal claim through a consulate in a neighboring country. The same thing happened a year earlier, in 2019, when a team with this name appeared in the Ice Hockey tournament at the “Latin America Cup” played in Miami. At that time, a formal claim was also filed. Now the proposal seems to be continuing, but in recent years there has been a growth in this order from the region located in the Argentine Sea.

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