Argentine media highlight Boric as a fan of Beto Acosta and defender of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands

What happened?

Various international media mentioned Gabriel Boric’s victory in the presidential election which was held last Sunday.

Argentinian media Country was one of those who referred to the victory of the new President-elect of Chile, bringing his figure closer to the neighboring country, highlighting aspects such as “fanaticism” for the former football player. Beto Acosta, his taste for musicians Charly Garcia and his defense of Argentine sovereignty in Falkland Islands.

Falkland Islands

In an article, La Nación recalls an episode that took place in 2013 on Twitter, in which Boric replied to the British ambassador in Mexico, Jon Benjamin.

“Great midsummer photo in Falkland Islands with their happy penguins,” published the British representative, to which the Chilean legislator replied: “Malvinas viejo, Malvinas Argentinas“.

In addition, journalistic records show: “The future bilateral relationship between the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and the president of Argentina Alberto Fernández, looking promising, with a call between the two shortly after the student leader’s victory and congratulatory messages from all the Kirchnerist arches”.


His mentions of Argentine culture and sport have proliferated on his social networks over the years“, recalls the article.

In that sense, his medium stood out when in 2017 Gabriel Boric demonstrated his musical taste for Argentine artist Indio Solari and when he added a greeting to Charly García for 70 years.

Finally, it is also mentioned the use of the song “Charlie’s Salieris” from Leon Gieco during your campaign. It should be borne in mind that this artist expressed his support for the candidacy of Boric.


In this regard, La Nación recalls when last July the President-elect congratulated Argentina on winning the Copa América, and when in 2017 he preferred to Maradona at Pelé.

Also, the media highlighted Boric -a UC fanatic -‘s admiration for Beto Acosta, which in 2017 he classified as “childhood idol“.

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