Around 600 migrants starting this year are stuck at the border between Belarus and Poland

MOSCOW, Jan 1 (DPA / EP) –

Some 600 migrants and asylum seekers started the year trapped in a makeshift shelter set up by the Belarusian Red Cross in Brusgi, on the Belarusian-Polish border, in hopes of entering EU territory.

Humanitarian organizations have set up warehouses as temporary shelters and logistics centers to coordinate aid for men, women and children aspiring to reach Germany, Red Cross personnel explained to DPA from Minsk.

One of the Iraqis who spent a long time at the border has been able to reunite with his family, according to DPA knowledge, but thousands of migrants from countries of open conflict have reached the border between Belarus and European Union countries where in recent months it was hoped to be able to. entered despite accusations that it was an artificial crisis produced by Minsk in retaliation for the Brussels sanctions.

This Saturday a new set of retaliatory sanctions from Belarus against the EU, UK and the United States took effect. Therefore, the import of many goods from this area, such as meat or dairy products, is prohibited.

Minsk has defended these sanctions as a reaction to “discriminatory policies and hostile actions against our country” and implied a veiled strengthening of trade relations with Russia.

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