Artificial intelligence education in schools

Initiatives to bring AI closer to children are starting to proliferate. “We use machine learning system Every day, for example, spam detection filters, recommendation systems, language translation services, ‘chatbots’ and digital assistants, search engines or fraud detection systems. Machine learning systems will soon become the norm to drive our cars and help doctors diagnose and treat our ailments. It is important for children to know how the world works. The best way to understand the capabilities and implications of machine learning uses this technology to be able to build things on its own.” writes British Dale Lane, IBM ‘software’ developer in the UK and creator of the platform MachineLearningforKids introduce children to AI.

With this tool, students will be able to ‘train’ their computer, and ‘teach’ it to recognize simple pictures, numbers or sounds, or answer questions on a specific topic. This page also suggests exercises, guided by downloadable tutorials, and a list of other resources for continuing learning.

In the same line it works Code, a non-profit organization with a presence in more than 180 countries, which since 2013 has been distributing training content aimed at teachers and students learning to program. Born in the United States with the support of global leaders, his mission is achieve that programming is included as a compulsory subject of basic education. A successful model that drives the digitization of society and the economy and in which more than one billion people have participated in its global campaigns.

Educational initiatives that support programming

In 2020, a team led by Cynthia Breazeal, professor of MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), announced the launch of a website for online resource sharing for K-12 students [designación utilizada en algunos sistemas educativos, como el estadounidense, para referirse a primaria y secundaria] they can use to learn about AI, in a responsible design and use approach. “Resources destined for help meet educational needs from millions of children, parents, and educators around the world,” MIT said in a press release.

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