As in “Don’t look up”, the TV presenter minimizes warnings about heatwaves

CITY OF MEXICO (appro).- As in the film “Don’t look up” (“Don’t look up”), British news channel GB News host Beverly Turner minimized an expert’s warning about a heatwave in Europe and asked him to to “happy with the weather”.

The video of the segment went viral on the internet, though Turner did not explain why: “I don’t know how it has 20 million views since Friday… @GBNEWS,” he wrote on Twitter.

During the show, meteorologist John Hammond reported rising temperatures and warned there could be “hundreds, if not thousands, of excess deaths” in the coming weeks, calling the data “scary.”

Remembering this, Beverly Turner dismissed the warning and replied: “Oh, John, I want us to be happy with the weather.”

“I don’t know if something has happened to meteorologists that makes them a bit fatalistic and a harbinger of doom. Because of all the broadcasts, especially on the BBC, every time I turn it on, everyone is talking about the weather. They say there will be a lot of casualties, but don’t we always have warm weather?

Later, on Twitter, he explained: “We have no heat deaths. We have 13 drowning cases. 400 people drown in the UK every year. It was due to human error, alcohol, poor swimming lessons, and provision of a swimming pool. Not the weather.”

“Don’t Look Up” Scene

Turner’s response went viral and many social media users recalled the scene in the Netflix film where Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) reveal on a television show that an asteroid is headed for Earth.

In the scene, the hosts took the pundits’ warnings lightly, as they do on British television.

Several countries in Europe have faced intense heat waves, with temperatures reaching around 40 degrees Celsius. Heat and drought have caused forest fires to spread and spread rapidly.

Britain exceeds 40 degrees Celsius for the first time. Experts estimate that in central and southern England they could reach 43 degrees, while last summer’s 1,600 deaths from high temperatures could reach 7,000 this year.

Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and the UK are battling persistent fires caused by the heatwave.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicted on Tuesday that a strong heatwave would be common in Europe during the summer months of the following years and through 2060.

He warned that it could have far-reaching impacts on people and infrastructure, as well as adverse health effects and reduced air quality.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the frequency of certain weather and extreme climate events is increasing due to climate change.

After causing controversy, the presenter corrected his position and questioned the role of humans in climate change. He stressed that there could not have been so many deaths from the heatwave.

“I’m not wrong about Britain being unprepared for: trains, buses cancelled; closed business; The school told students to stay at home. But we did NOT see 100 or thousands dead! We didn’t do it”, wrote the presenter via the social network.

“After last week’s seemingly controversial conversation with our meteorologists, I have to write this today. Please RT it. We absolutely must stop mass psychosis. Cheers,” he wrote, sharing a GB News tweet in which he noted: “The response to the UK heatwave has shown me that mindset manipulation over the last two years has worked.”

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