Azkoyen Group awarded as UK’s best vending machine supplier

1. Because we are specialists in this sector

At Hostelvending we specialize in the vending sector in Spain. We know the line and we have contacts with all the companies related to it, from machine manufacturers to food and beverage distributors and manufacturers. We have years of extensive experience working side by side with companies and for companies.

2. Because we are the main media in this sector

Hostelvending has a recognized track record as the primary means of communication in the vending sector in Spain with thousands of visits per month in its online and print versions. We cover major seller events in Spain, we create in-depth reports on the latest news and technology and we analyze the sector situation with the most complete data.

3. Because of our most effective advertising

Having a dedicated audience makes Hostelvending trust the best option to make your business known in the vending world. Whatever your niche in the channel, our products and services are aimed at satisfying it. And at the most competitive rates to get the most results and the greatest amount of impact. Our newsletters are received by hundreds of decision makers every week.

4. Because our directory is the most complete

At Hostelvending we have a list of the best companies in the vending sector in Spain. We cover all channels and offer the most detailed and customized information to quickly find what our users are looking for. Our convenient search engine allows you to find all the commercial information of any company with just one click.

5. Because we suggest the best business opportunities

At Hostelvending we offer a complete consulting service for companies. From legal and regulatory aspects to the best business strategy, through the most appropriate business opportunities for every type of company, regardless of size or purpose. We create synergies between companies to generate new business opportunities.

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