Baby dinosaur found inside his egg

During development Museo de Historia Natural Yingliang StoneSite staff found intact dinosaur embryo fossils. Here you can see baby dinosaurs perfectly nested inside their eggs.

That 70 million year old fossil, preserving the embryonic skeleton of an oviraptor dinosaur called Baby Yingliang after the Chinese museum that housed it. The discovery has been described as lucky, as the bones of baby dinosaurs are so fragile that they are rarely preserved as fossils.

Darla Zelenitsky, professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary in Canada, commented: “This is amazing specimen... I’ve been working on dinosaur eggs for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.

“Until now, very little was known about what happened inside the dinosaurs before they hatched, because there was very little embryonic skeleton. Especially those who are intact and preserved in a state of life.”

Eggs found measuring about 17 cm long and this dinosaur is estimated to have been 27 centimeters long from head to tail. Researchers believe that as an adult, it would have lived between two and three meters. Researchers from China, Britain and Canada who studied the position of this and other fossils, concluded that dinosaurs moved and changed position before birth, in a similar way to baby birds.

In modern birds, such movements are associated with a behavior called folding. Which controls the central nervous system and is very important for hatching success.

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