Bad timing for the Call of Duty esports scene: former world champion announces his retirement


There is more and more controversy around Call of Duty, the state of the game, and what some professionals consider to be constant moments of decline. For Parasite -a world champion in Black Ops 2 in 2013 and a seven-time Major champion with a career spanning more than ten years- the situation became so critical that he announced his retirement.

The overall context for the title becomes even more dire with the image of the company responsible for CoD being tarnished, Activation, which compiles complaints of harassment, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, as well as the recent wave of layoffs at Raven Software. In this context, the main character of the scene refers to the neglect on the part of the developer that has brought the popular franchise to one of its most complex moments.

“I have lost all my passion for racing. In fact, I never thought I would get to the point where I would die, but when the game is in constant decline and, despite all your yearly achievements and performances, your career isn’t going anywhere, it’s something to look forward to. , “he explained. Parasite in the publications he makes on his social networks.

In turn, he clarified that he was open to opportunities related to coaching, management, talent search or commentary: “I have a very analytical mind and I want to continue my legacy in that direction.” The now retired player has an extensive history, including spells Team Jealousy, FaZe Clan, Complexity y Ghost Gaming, among many others throughout his career.

Parasite announces his retirement on Twitter |  @Parasite
Parasite announces his retirement on Twitter | @Parasite
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There is more and more discontent on the scene and more and more players are considering migrating to another FPS, with Circle of light as one of the most attractive alternatives. Even the most casual COD experience becomes untenable with an alarming number of cheaters, with anti-cheat bouncing which seems to still have not taken decisive steps to ward off the situation that befell this game. Community leaders and repeat content creators -like Dr is disrespectful– have published their critique of this discouraging situation.

As for esports, Call of Duty League it changed its format once again for 2022, but it was a change that was met with skepticism in society. While the context is not encouraging, with problems on many fronts, CoD continues to be very popular in certain regions such as North America or the UK. Arrival from Classic Kickoff from the CoD League can help reduce the pressure with live events with live audiences on Arlington Sports Stadium.


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