BBVA makes it easy for businesses to manage their business through a new generation of POS terminals

That business, customer BBVA, can own a new generation of physical Point of Sale Terminals (POS) that enable them to offer an agile and simple shopping experience. The new technology that incorporates these new devices, Based on Android, it allows merchants to add functionality that is very useful in their daily life in the same way as adding it to a mobile phone.

Thus, businesses will be able, in addition to make payments, install applications that facilitate business management and add value during transactions. BBVA already allows various ‘applications’ to be downloaded in this POS terminal and will gradually include new functionality.

Merchants can conveniently accept not only traditional payment methods, but also other alternatives, such as those requiring QR code retrieval, on a single device. thanks to the camera installed in this new terminal. This type of code reader will allow, among other things, accept Alipay and WechatPay widely used payment platform in China– based on this technology, which improves the experience of customers from abroad.

this terminal It also allows customers from outside Europe to choose to pay in their own currency for purchases made with VISA or for operations in euros to the merchant, as in a normal transaction.

Another application that BBVA provides for businesses that have this new device is the ‘app’, which is free of charge, allows them to manage automatically and in digital process 100% VAT refunds (Tax Free) for non-resident customers in the European Union.

That The Android terminal itself automatically identifies that the card it operates on is eligible for a VAT refunddigitally captures all customer passport information via the device camera and automatically triggers the entire VAT refund process.

Especially, Businesses will be able to check all Tax Free sales at any time and access reports. This BBVA Android POS function helps businesses increase their sales, especially those located in areas with a high flow of non-European tourists, including tourists from the UK.

Android POS operation is very intuitive and similar to mobile. On the main screen, the business will show the applications that have been added for business management and the option to ‘fill’. Businesses will also be able to make purchase returns, as well as view operating history in a very simple way

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