Belarus.- Minsk summoned the British charge d’affaires after the attack on the Belarusian Embassy in London


Belarus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Britain’s charge d’affaires in the country on Monday after denouncing the alleged attack on the Minsk Embassy in London, in which Belarusian diplomats would have been injured.

In a statement, Minsk denounced that on Sunday, December 19, a group of people attacked the Embassy, ​​damaged the facade of the building, and then physically attacked the diplomats. One of them, the Foreign Ministry has detailed, had been seriously injured and required “immediate medical attention” because he had a broken nose, suffered a minor concussion and a broken tooth.

The “radicals”, as the Belarusian Foreign Ministry called them, tried to flee when British security forces arrived on the scene, although some of them were caught. The attackers are thought to be part of a group of Belarusian nationals living abroad called ‘Nadzeya’.

“The attempt to retaliate against people who, because of their duty, protects the interests of Belarusians and works to improve relations between countries, once again shows the true face and methods of fanaticism, which some Western countries try to perceive as peaceful demonstrators,” Minsk said in a statement. his statement.

In the face of this attack, he has summoned the British charge d’affaires, who have filed a “strong protest with a demand to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident” with the aim of “bringing those responsible to justice”, as well as “notifying the Belarusian side of the progress of action.” procedural and results.

Belarus, the Foreign Ministry has concluded, believes that “the British authorities will take all appropriate measures to avoid disturbing the peace of the mission.”

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