Best position to sleep and wake up without pain

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The investigation found that 82% of Britons sleep in a dangerous position that causes pain. Furthermore, he discovered that only 18% sleeping in a position known as Dreamer (dream), that is the best choice to reduce pressure on the spine because it is sideways and semifetal.

The medical team assures that it is the best position for night posture because it offers better support for head, neck, spine and hips. And allows the body to rest in neutral alignment without bends or bends.


On the other hand, position Heavy Lifter (heavy lifters) turned out to be the most popular, with 20% adults rest this way. But those who sleep like this expose themselves to sacroiliac joint problems and shoulder instability. Excluding the possibility of waking up with lower back pain.

There are other positions that have their peculiarities as well as their consequences. On the other hand, there are Porcupine (hedgehog), in which the person is rolled up like a tight ball. This is another popular position since 15% of those surveyed said they slept like that. But the researchers say this option could lead to tightness in the hip flexors, which can contribute to hip arthritis.

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clapping (the clapper) is the position chosen by 14% from adults. Sleeping like this causes the spine to twist and lengthens the piriformis muscle. The consequence is pain in the hips, lower back, and neck.

It is also found wrestler (fighter). Around 5% adults sleep in this position, but long-term effects can include: chronic shoulder pain and tingling in the arm.

The same percentage of respondents also chose Soldier (soldier). Depending on the type of mattress, the researchers say this position can cause excessive extension of the lumbar spine. And that, the next day, that person is more susceptible to back pain and general stiffness.

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