Blakstad super number: Called extraordinary and unique

LANCING (VG) He is among the fastest and one of the most running for 90 minutes. Ahead of tonight’s match against England, Julie Blakstad (20) is said to be extraordinary, unique – and an anomaly…

SUPERTRIO: Julie Blakstad (yr) celebrates after scoring against Northern Ireland in the EC opener – her third goal for the national team. There Hegerberg and Guro Reiten (tv) came to congratulate.

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The words belong to Norwegian assistant coach Anders Jacobsson. He never ceases to impress Manchester City’s young professional scoring goals first goal in 4-1 European Championship win against Northern Ireland.

– Julie is an extraordinary footballer who has fantastic qualities. From time to time you find these unique items. They are in all sports. We call it an anomaly – a deviation from the norm – but here we mean it in a positive way, the Swede told VG before Norway faces their toughest test in a long time, the British champions favourites, on Monday night.

But let’s rely on UEFA data first. Against Northern Ireland, only Ingrid Syrstad Engen covered more distance than Blakstad (10.95 km), but the 20-year-old did not finish the match, and ran 10.4 km. He was substituted five minutes before the referee blew.

Another interesting fact for geeks is the speed measurement of the opening game. Blakstad’s top speed is 28.5 km/h. In fact, only the fast Guro Reiten could match that.

– He has the capacity to run many and far. Then we can add that the role he has behind is very demanding. This contributes to this data, notes the assistant coach before he fills in the info:

– Match and opponent pictures affect the result. Against Northern Ireland where we want defenders to come forward, that role will be very, very demanding. In certain other matches, there may be other people who run the most because of the match drawing. It was not surprising that he put several kilometers behind him because of the condition. He caught on very quickly. Then there’s very fast fiber in that body. He has incredible endurance, and that is what is so unique. He was only 20 years old but managed to work for a long time and also managed to recover quickly, which made him explode.

Jacobsson can speak volumes and lengths about the profile of the youth national team. We stopped him and wanted to know: Is he really the fastest in this national team, as the measurements in the first game know?

– I don’t have all the data, but he is always at the top level.

It hasn’t been many years since Julie Blakstad played for Farts. Through Rosenborg he ended up at Manchester City and here he is standing on the training pitch outside Brighton with the world’s biggest smile and having scored on his championship debut. It didn’t get much better.

As he had previously proven, the knob had contact with the surface, so to speak.

– Obviously there is more pressure when you take the step and start at a new club abroad with a big name. But as I always say, I’m the one who puts the greatest pressure on myself. That’s what I struggle with the most. So I don’t really care what other people think. If you play badly, they can say it, but what I think and think is the most important. I have supporters that I rely on and I take feedback rather than reading the media and stuff like that.

– Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself?

– Yes, sometimes it is. You are strict with yourself and always want to stretch yourself. I think it’s important for you not to be complacent. On the day you are satisfied, I think your career will go down. So you should always stretch, I think it’s just healthy.

Now the 20-year-old has a new team-mate in the blue shirt at Manchester. On Sunday, Erling Braut Haaland was presented in his hometown. And then we’re not talking about Ottestad.

– Very cool. Haaland has a very good mentality. He always manages to perform in important and big situations. There are things you can learn and be inspired by. So, of course it’s something I respect and try to respect.

– Maybe you can chat a bit about that too?

– There must be that possibility. Maybe not now, but when I go back to my daily life at the club and he adapts a little to everyday life. Then of course there is an opportunity for that, said Julie Blakstad.

PS! You can watch England-Norway on NRK1 at 21.00.

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