Blister NFF: The forgotten team in trophy setup

The Norwegian Football Association apologized after several errors were discovered in the cup arrangements. Forgotten Dating described the error as «tragicomic».

REMOVED: Bjørnar Eltervåg is general manager and player at Træff – a team that was first forgotten in cup arrangements by the NFF.

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On Thursday, the NFF set the tone for the cup’s first round, but it wasn’t without its faults.

The match from Molde wasn’t even found in the set-up. kra, on the other hand, who were eliminated in the qualifiers, were set to meet Vard Haugesund.

“You have forgotten us,” was a message from Trff Indonesia.

Bjørnar Eltervåg, who is general manager of playing Træff, said the Molde club took the “exception” with a good mood and a bit of confusion.

– It’s going to be a little tragic. A very important thing like a trophy, and then you let the team down a bit, sighed the 2nd division club leader.

NFF blisters will be a lesson – for Eltervåg. Players in Træff get internal fines for all media cases they participate in!

– 50 kroner fine. That doesn’t bode well for me, Eltervåg chuckled.

He didn’t just smile at the NFF cup defeat.

– I really experience that communication with NFF is generally good. But it’s this gap that the NFF shouldn’t have, especially in something that most people in Norway have. You don’t actually eat the cup, he points out.

– What is the dream setup for Trff?

– It doesn’t matter who comes here. They should expect a stop at half-time, guaranteeing playing general manager a club where current Molde coach Erling Moe has had most of his active career.

Two cup finals will be played this year. Trffs bynabo Molde is ready for the first:

The section leader for tournament and events administration at the Norwegian Football Association, Rune Pedersen, explains what happened this way.

– Human error. We have entered the wrong team and are currently working on a fix. There’s going to be some consequential fallacy from what we’ll have to have for some time, Pedersen told VG — and says a new arrangement will be coming soon.

– How did it happen?

– To put it simply when we have the match roster, I have led the eliminated team. It was just a mistake and my responsibility, Pedersen admits.

– What do you say to those who think that this is new proof that the NFF doesn’t care enough about trophies – right after the criticism you received that it ended in a walkover for Bodø / Glimt against Aalesund in the recent cup match?

– This is human error. should not be confused with other cases. I didn’t put it in context, Pedersen replied.

Matches in round 1 will be played on 18 and 19 May. Teams from Eliteserien and the OBOS league, as usual, have away games.

Check out the entire setup here and find your team:

East side – Sarpsborg 08
Sprint-Jely – Moss
Rde – Fredrikstad
Nordstrand – Frigg
Oppsal – Skeid
Old Oslo – YMCA Oslo
Ullern – Questioner
Bærum – Kvik Halden
Lokomotiv Oslo – Eidsvold’s Turn
Lyn – Stabæk
Follo – Grorud
Gjelleråsen – Kjelsås
Skjetten – Wool / Pussy
Eidsvold IF – Lillestrm
Lørenskog – Kongsvinger
Brumunddal – Strømmen
Elverum – Ottestad
Furnes – HamKam
Kolbu / KK – Vlerenga
Gjøvik / Lyn – Raufoss
Hønefoss – Strømsgodset
skollen – Mjøndalen
ssiden – Notodden
Halsen – Sandefjord
Flint – Eik Tnsberg
Forward – rn Horten
Hey – Weird
Pors – Arendal
Vindbjart – Flekkerøy
Express – Jerv
Randesund – Start
Sola – Egersund
Vidar – Staal Jørpeland
Djerv 1919 – Haugesund
Brodd – Bryne
Vardeneset – Sandnes Ulf
Rosseland – Vikings
Bjarg – Fyllingsdalen
Frøya – Fana
Gneist – Sotra
Bremnes – park
Voss – Brann
Floro – Sogndal
Fjøra – Aalesund
Førde – Hødd
Suryadal – Kristiansund
Flock – Molde
Dahle – Ranheim
Spjelkavik – Brattvåg
Byåsen – Kolstad
Safe / Charging – Levanger
Puppies – Nardo
Melhus – Strindheim
Orkla – Stjørdals / Blink
Verdal – Rosenborg
FK Shutter – Bod / Glimt
Junkeren – Mjølner
Harstad – Twilight
Fløya – Skjervøy
Finland – TUIL
Arctic City – Troms
Bossekop – Alta

First, kra – Vard Haugesund is in the settings. VG updates when Vard Haugesund gets his opponent and Træff has been included.

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