Brexit is bullshit. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are getting away with it: weakening the European Union, thereby losing strength to both

The trash of young politicians from David Cameron to Boris Johnson may go down in history as the generation that has most damaged the interests of the British Empire. The former launched a sinister mechanism for a referendum to leave the European Union, confident that he would win it and strengthen his political position; but he lost and the catastrophe that his country was just beginning to pay for began. Cameron is today a hated political surname in the UK. Dan Johnson, synonymous with frivolity and irresponsibility. His Numantine Resistance to resign has become a thriller. He left it until Larry, the Downing Street rat maker. He badly sealed his exit from the European Union, breaking the agreement and leaving behind a burning volcano in Northern Ireland and another in Scotland that would eventually erupt. The State’s official name is United Kingdom: but it would be more correct to call it Disunited.

Ireland’s reunification has never been this close, especially after the last election that Sinn Fein won. And for November, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, wants to hold another independence referendum. He had asked for it before Johnson’s downfall. He argues that it is not an individual question, but a deeper aspiration. And the sentence: “Westminster system is broken.” In both cases, there are certain historical, political and sentimental reasons. But one thing in common: Northern Ireland and Scotland don’t want to stop being European. Those deep-rooted aspirations, coupled with historical demands, could win consultations in favor of London’s independence.

Brexit is bullshit. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are getting away with it: to weaken the European Union, thereby losing power to both. That is why they are trying so hard to send their best cyber army to support the Brexiteers. The operation was unsustainable even aesthetically. When a “yes” victory for Brexit became known, its main promoter, populist nationalist Nigel Farage, resigned and disappeared. Cameron had to resign as useless, after believing polls allowed him to sleep soundly. And the Cambridge Analytica company, which manipulated the campaign, was dissolved. The hands of Steve Bannon, who brought Trump to power, are felt at the British consultancy, handling and altering data that violates people’s privacy and distorts reality.

Brexit has also left scars on many families. Young people did not forgive their parents, and especially the imperial nostalgia of their grandparents, who chose to leave Europe. Although perhaps many of the young people that day were too lazy to choose. The truth is that today they have fewer rights and fewer job opportunities. If a London-based company offers an attractive job position in any European city, to fill it immediately, the French, Spanish or German will fill it first because they don’t need a work permit. British youth are deprived of the right to work freely in any EU country. The demonstrations calling for another referendum (to revoke the exit decision) did not achieve their goal. That is why Scotland and Northern Ireland saw in their independence an opportunity to maintain their European status. Good job, Cameron. Good job, Johnson. Hard times are coming around the world, but in England the tide will also have a certain stamp. Immediately on your screen.

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