Boris Johnson, the last (and not the only) victim of British political upheaval

The fall of Boris Johnson once again highlighting British political instability. At a time marked in Europe by extremely tight elections, governments with difficulty securing majorities and multiple electoral processes, the Prime Minister of the UK is becoming in the last political victim When It’s not even three years old yet since he arrived at Downing Street.

And despite his attempts to stay in office, the situation is already unsustainable, with dozens of resignations among ministers and other senior government officials. In this way, Johnson joins to the long list of prime ministers in a country that they couldn’t even afford to complete the entire legislature, encrypted in four years.

Boris Johnson hasn’t even been in office for three years. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

In fact, since Brexit happened, in June 2016 There are already three fallen leaders: David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnsonthat is, three prime ministers in six years.

Traditionally, Italy has been the most politically troubled country on the continent, but Great Britain began to not want to be left behind.

count to Neville Chamberlainwho held positions between 1937 and 1940, there have been 16 prime ministers in the country and only half, 8, has successfully spent more than four years (1,460 days) in the office. There’s nothing more to see this graphic is published by Politico to realize how mortal these many governments are.

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Despite the brevity of Johnson’s mandate there are still four prime ministers who last less that he’s in the office. Is about Alec Douglas-Home (363 days), anthony eden (644), Gordon Brown (1,049), and Neville Chamberlain (1,078). To be precise, the former mayor of London marks 1,079 days of July 7, the day of his resignation, and tto and as the BBC revealedwill remain in office until October, when the party elects a successor.

Also, Theresa May (1.106), james callaghan (1,124) and Edward Heath (1354) also cannot settle on par with the legislature.

At the top of the list is Margaret Thatcher, who spent more than a decade as head of state (4,226 days). But even he can’t liberated himself from the turbulent intrigue of British politics. And the iron woman was forced resigned due to lack of support from his party despite overcoming confident movements. A situation similar to that of Boris Johnson himself.

So English start a new stage where Brexit and consequently will continue to be the main protagonist. It remains to be seen whether the man who replaces him is able to provide a position with the stability it lacked in recent years.

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