Brann’s fifth win in a row: – Huge power

(Kongsvinger-Brann 1-3) Brann had a dream day with a fifth straight win – while many of his rivals dropped points. Rival Mjøndalen lost to Ranheim.

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The Bergens are big favorites against Kongsvinger and live up to expectations.

– Now Brann looks like the big force they’ll have in the Obos league, says Petter B Tosterud at Max-studio.

– Fire now has a security that makes them always create something. “This is a team with confidence,” said team-mate Freddy dos Santos.

It starts with the “Kniklas” class score already in the tenth minute. Niklas Jensen Wassberg melted in the first half and the ball went into the net through the crossbar. A score in the super class.

– I don’t remember much. I lob, and just focus on the ball. It’s great to get a goal, says Wassberg

Niklas Jensen Wassberg (center) scores a pearl goal against Kongsvinger. Picture taken from the match against YMCA Oslo.

Then Frederik Borsting made it 2-0 just before half-time – after a pass from Aune Heggeb.

But Martin Vinjor was reduced to 2-1 for Kongsvinger early in the second half, and Brann was pressed hard in the woods. But a serious mistake by KIL allowed Bård Finne to go up to 3-1 in the end.

– Then it was a match without control. A fever save from Mathias Dyngeland kept us in the game, coach Eirik Horneland told

Brann now stands at 23 goals in eight league games.

Ranheim turned around

Many of Brann’s rivals dropped points:

  • Series leader Mjøndalen plays at home. Martin Rønning Ovenstad made it 1-0 after a poor defensive play by Ranheim midway through the first half. However “3050” suffered a bombardment from Trøndelag which ended with Ruben Alte leveling it at 1-1 with a big shot. Shortly after, Marcus Mehnert gave Ranheim the lead after a ruthless defensive game at Mjøndalen.
  • Fredrikstad took the lead by Ludvik Begby, while the YMCA drew level at 1-1 by Tore Andre Sørs – just after they were conned for a clear penalty kick.

– Weak because he doesn’t see it, says Freddy dos Santos at Max-studio. But the YMCA didn’t finish with that: Sørs gave the Oslo side a 2-1 lead with a fantastic lob from distance. Usually the strong Håvar G. Jensen was halfway and didn’t make it back to the finish line.

  • Start had a nightmarish opening when Gard Simenstad gave Raufoss the lead in the fifth minute, but Erik Schulze’s double put Start into a 2-1 lead at halftime. Viking defender Herman Haugen’s hire made it 2-2 for the injured Raufoss midway through the second half.
  • Sandnes Ulf grabbed a crucial win when Espen Berger decided in extra time against Skeid, who defended well for more than 90 minutes.
  • Stabæk, who is also in qualification for now, paid a visit to Jæren, where the match ended goalless against Bryne.
  • Sogndal has no problems with the Stjørdals/Blink undercoat.


Skeid – Sandnes Ulf 0-1 (0-0). Goals: 0-1 Espen Berger (90).

Bryne – Stabæk 0-0 (0-0)

Fredrikstad – YMCA Oslo 1-2 (1-0). Goals: 1-0 Ludvig Begby (2), 1-1 Tore André Sørs (53), 1-2 Srås (68).

Kongsvinger – Brann 1-3 (0-2). Goals: 0-1 Niklas Jensen Wassberg (10), 0-2 Frederik Børsting (40), 1-2 Martin Vinjor (47), 1-3 Bård Finne (90).

Mjøndalen – Ranheim 1-2 (1-0). Goals: 1-0 Martin Rønning Ovenstad (20), 1-1 Ruben Alte (82), 1-2 Marcus Mehnert (84).

Start – Raufoss 2-2 (2-1). Goals: 0-1 Gard Simenstad (5), 1-1 Eirik Schulze (9), 2-1 Schulze (25), 2-2 Herman Haugen (64).

Stjørdals-Blink – Sogndal 1-3 (1-2). Goals: 0-1 Peter Godly Michael (9), 1-1 Sondre Stokke (25), 1-2 Fredrik Vinje (own goal 40), 1-3 Jónatan Ingi Jónsson (49).

sane – Grorud 3-2 (0-0). Goals: 1-0 Kristoffer Stephensen (46), 1-1 Bjørn Martin Kristensen (56), 1-2 Nikolai Hristov (62), 2-2 Bjarte Haugsdal (86), 3-2 Ryan Doghman (88).

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