Bringing Bodø / Glimt in defense: – The criticism is overkill

While on the one hand there is a battle to criticize the toughest Bodø/Glimt, the reigning league champions on the other have the support of several teams.

CRITICISM: Bodø / Glimt and coach Kjetil Knutsen have had to endure a lot of criticism lately. Co-coach Lars Bohinen took them in defence.

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– I think the criticism is overkill. Glimt have been the best team for a long time. Then, unfortunately, the human mechanics are such that if you find something to stab at, then you do it. People are a little jealous and want them to fall, Lars Bohinen told VG.

The former national team player with the speed of time who trained at Sarpsborg 08 and Aalesund among others asked the critical voices to calm down. This spring, he occasionally took part in the Elite Series as a Discovery expert.

– They have made some mistakes, no doubt about that, but the criticism is too much. They didn’t do anything wrong on purpose. As soon as something doesn’t go the way everyone expected, criticism comes. “I think they’ve learned to live with it,” said Bohinen.

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Bodø / Glimt has been criticized for a number of factors in recent months (see fact box). Lastly for the noise around Ulrik Saltnes, who in the worst case could miss the cup final against Molde this weekend.

Christian Gauseth, who is a football expert for VG and Discovery, has repeatedly criticized Glimt recently. On Sunday, former captain Mjøndalen delivered a new tirade on the Discovery Fotballrunden program.

– If you ignore the game, Glimt “driti” has appeared many times this season here. This is a new example, says Gauseth in tired.

Bohinen uses the “barbed wire case” as an example of a case he believes has received more attention than it deserves.

– They tried to run the football club to the best of their ability, but then they didn’t succeed in everything. That’s just how it is. I experienced it relatively down to earth. They have seen how things work in Europe and gained some experience, so they have to gather that experience and place it in the Norwegian context. It doesn’t always go that fast.


– Did we forget that they are still a fairly new big club?

– Glimt was in the OBOS league in 2017. It goes really fast, so sometimes it’s easy for them to go a little crooked. So we have to be a little careful in criticizing. I experienced no ill will, arrogance or superiority, says Bohinen.

Former Bodø / Glimt Trond player Olsen is still following the old club closely in his role as expert for Avisa Nordland. Olsen also believes that some cases have risen.

– Then they may in other cases have created too many rumors about themselves. Then I mainly thought about the case of Rome. Maybe they should just shut up and let things go. “What happened wasn’t good, but we never got a good answer for what really happened,” Olsen told VG.

Olsen and Bohinen have both pointed out that great attention will be new to many at Glimt, both to managers and players.

– That you have some mistakes and make mistakes is human and something you should take into account. But then it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and admitting your mistakes. You can say “sorry, I was wrong,” Olsen said.

– I hope they manage to learn a little from him and make some small changes, says Trond Olsen of the criticism of Glimt.

– Do you think Glimt now have more responsibility in terms of behavior and communication, because now they are the best in Norway?

– Yes, as a player you are a role model for many people locally and nationally. The bigger you get and the more success you get, the more focus will be directed to you. Then you have a certain responsibility to stand out as a good role model, says Olsen.

Reputation expert Trond Blindheim argues that negative posts have had little effect on Glimt’s reputation.

Trond Blindheim is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Kristena University College.

– It’s soon forgotten. It went by quickly. It is clear that journalists are offended and do not get answers to their questions, they may suffer, but not football spectators. They just smiled at him, Blindheim told VG.

Currently, according to him Glimt is the club with the best reputation in Norway.

– I think they have, of course. There have been some mistakes, but things like that happen in football. They may not have media-trained players and management, as big teams from big cities have, when they are faced with problems and other things, Blindheim said.

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