Britain delivered 31 nuclear weapons during the Falklands War

Britain sends 31 nuclear weapons to Falklands War. In documents classified as “secret atom” indicates the presence of nuclear weapons “Causing panic among officials in London”, when they realized the damage they could inflict, according to the site’s journalistic investigations United Kingdom Declassified.

although Ministry of Defense The UK admitted in 2003 that British ships carried nuclear weapons and even a container carrying them has been broken in war, So far the number has not been confirmed the weapons they have in South Atlantic. The number appears with the document sent to National Archives in Kew, southwest London.

Weapons transferred from frigates and destroyers to larger carriers, HMS Hermes you HMS Unbeatable, where weapons can be better protected. According to the declassified file, Hermes has 18 nuclear weapons on the ship and Invincible 12, while the Royal Fleet’s auxiliary ships, Regent, have one.

British Government Disputes during the conflict

Article signed by journalist Richard Norton Taylor stated that a British Ministry of Defense document dated 6 April 1982 spoke of the “grave concern” of Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding that some “nuclear depth bombs” could be “lost or damaged and the facts announced”.

In fact, the presence of weapons will cause discord within the government Margaret Thatcher, between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the counterpart of defend, which refuse requests to “disarm” nuclear material, in line with refusal Marina.

“The international repercussions of such an incident can be very dangerous,” they warned from Chancellor of England. However, the response of the armed forces is, if so, “in the event of tension or hostilities” with Soviet Union during development Falklands War, British warship military capacity “will decrease drastically“.

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