Britain is considering forming a unit consisting of Afghan special forces


Britain helped evacuate Afghan special forces from Kabul – now more people can have the opportunity to continue their careers in British uniforms.

In mid-August, the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul. At the same time, the British defense launched a massive operation to evacuate its own nationals, as well as Afghans who had been assisting British troops in the country. Among these are translators and a large number of Afghan special forces.

In retrospect, the British defense has considered the possibility of establishing a separate department consisting of Afghan personnel, write the Business Insider website.

The British Armed Forces have a long tradition of integrating soldiers from other countries.

For 200 years, the so-called “Gurkha soldiers” from Nepal have participated in conflicts under British command. In the two world wars alone, 200,000 Gurkha soldiers from Nepal participated, of whom 43,000 died.

Today, 3,500 continue to serve in the British Armed Forces.

GURKHA: A Gurkha soldier in British service in Kabul 2022.

This model is cited by some as a possible way of integrating Afghan special forces into the British forces. This will be possible in the short term, but others point to the challenges of new recruiting into such Afghan departments.

However, it is possible that the special forces community in the UK took the opportunity to incorporate some Afghan special forces into their unit. Retired British general Richard Barrons described the Afghan special forces as “excellent by international standards”.

Several Afghan cadets at the British Army School of War, Sandhurst, have been granted permission to enlist in the British Armed Forces. Defense Post script.

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