British intelligence chief in China for James Bond parody

Britain sparked outrage in China last year by blocking the participation of telecommunications firm Huawei.


Britain’s intelligence chief on Thursday thanked China’s state news agency for “free publicity” after exposing the James Bond hoax by mocking threats from the growing intelligence community posed by Beijing.

A rare response from MI6 leader Richard Moore is that China and Britain disagree with Beijing’s treatment of the Uighur minority and the growing dictatorship of the former British colony of Hong Kong.

Moore warned that changing the codename “C” within the agency to accommodate the Chinese insurgency would be a “top priority” for intelligence services and “vulnerable to China’s debt traps, data exposure, and political coercion.”

The debt trap means that China accepts concessions such as the use of ports from signatory countries in its soft energy infrastructure efforts when it does not repay debt.

In a tongue-in-cheek post on Twitter on Tuesday, state news agency Xinhua said it had discovered a “leaked video” of a “secret meeting” between British and American spies that had elevated Beijing to the MI6 agenda.

The accompanying clip, “No Time to Die Laughing,” stars a pair of Chinese actors as fictional British spies known as “James Bond” and “Black Window.”

In his response Thursday, Moore tweeted: “Thanks for your interest (and the unexpected free publicity!.”

He released a link to a speech in November, in which he described China as “exploiting the openness of British society” and “distorting public discourse and political decision-making around the world.”

Four-and-a-half minutes after what Xinhua called “rib-eye-dazzling moments” filled with laughing footage, two elegantly dressed men entered a castle and began discussing a document on Chinese spy tactics, a document that actually refers to the United States.

The bonds, codenamed “Agent 0.07,” then exploded as a “sinful” pretext for “China’s imaginary debt and data trap” to get more funding for British intelligence.

In a call with the outspoken CIA secretary, Bond learns that the United States has tapped his cell phone.

Chinese licensed company Huawei was warned not to buy the model because of the “back door” before delivering the new phone through the CIA.

“Being America’s enemy is dangerous,” said the swirling champagne pool. “But being a friend of the United States is dangerous.”

Britain sparked outrage in China last year after telecommunications firm Huawei blocked the rollout of 5G broadband, sparking concerns about espionage in the United States.

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