Brooklyn Nets ready for NBA playoffs

(Brooklyn Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers 115-108) Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and other Nets stars have one last chance to reach the NBA Finals. They grabbed it.

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It’s a tumultuous season in Brooklyn. Injuries, vaccine opponents and disgruntled stars have made headlines. In addition, it has a sporty hallway.

But now all is forgotten.

Superstar Kevin Durant has recovered from injury, unvaccinated Kyrie Irving has finally allowed to play in New York and chaos James Harden traded went to the Philadelphia 76ers.

And with Durant and Irving leading the way, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally won on Wednesday night.

This match was originally going to be broadcast on VG+Sport, but was resumed only due to technical issues NBA League Tickets.

Kyrie Irving – who previously also made headlines with a special statement – started the season very painfully for the New York team. The 30-year-old, like most Americans, refuses to follow the government’s vaccine advice, and in New York state it’s not working out well.

There, unvaccinated people had to stay home after work – and Irving was not allowed to wear the Nets uniform. He was suspended by the team, and the future in Brooklyn looked bleak.

DESTROYED: Kyrie Irving (30) put in a superb first half, and led the way for the Nets to beat Irving’s previous team in the Play-In tournament.

In a tight fixture schedule in December, the Nets took it back into the heat of the game, then only played away from New York state.

It wasn’t until late March that he played his first home game of the season at Barclay Center, and responded with his second “double” of the season: Double-digit assists (11) and points (16 ) against the Charlotte Hornets.

Wednesday night’s game was just his seventh home game of the season, and there was no match for Irving: He played seven seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2011 to 2017.

– I feel like I’ve answered a number of questions towards the end of the season… I don’t take the ups and downs for granted. “They have brought us to where we are today,” Irving said after the game.

34 points and 12 assists is definitely a good “answer”. Now he is setting the course for the NBA playoffs for the seventh time in his career.

New away matches await, also against old acquaintances. The Nets and Irving will travel to Massachusetts to meet the team for which Irving was both a hero and a scapegoat from 2017 to 2019: the Boston Celtics. You can watch the first game in the seven-game series on VG+.

HUGE DUEL: Kyrie Irving and Darius Garland of Cleveland (right) scored 34 points each night through Wednesday.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are also set for the playoffs on Wednesday night. The Los Angeles Clippers beat 109-104. Now the Clippers and Cavaliers have one more chance to join the charitable company.

Catch the first game of the NBA playoffs on VG+ Sport on Saturday night at 7pm. Then the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz met.

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