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Camila Cabello is delighted to present her latest collaboration with Ed Sheeran, “Bam Bam”, and in an interview she gave for a British television program, the singer suffered a “costume damage” by showing her chest while dancing.

The 25-year-old singer has, in recent months, made it clear that she is at her best, and in this way she has starred in a message to her fans in which she breaks down old stereotypes about beauty, in an attitude of self-acceptance.

In the past, Shawn Mendes’ ex-boyfriend was heavily criticized for gaining weight and stepping out of his net to make a call to women to instill self-love. And after the live events, he decided to go on TikTok and poke fun at the moment, with a humorous content that only he knows how to reflect.

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Here’s how Camila Cabello forgets the awkward moments in her closet

The Cuban-American artist is promoting her new single from the album “Familia” and on her way, Camila Cabello appears via live link on the evening program “The One Show”, broadcast from the BBC in the UK.

With her trademark excitement, the singer spoke with British presenter Alex Jones, who invited her to show her her favorite dance move, she stood up and when she started moving her hips, her oversized shirt exposed some of her breasts.

It was an awkward and unexpected moment, which he quickly resolved by adjusting his clothes again. He didn’t stop the interview, he laughed at the situation and joked without letting any emotions end what was a mere accident.

“I almost threw you,” she said as she covered herself and finished her dance, but not before adding openly and laughingly: “I hope you didn’t see her nipples,” the portal published. News Feed Buzz.

It was the driver himself who, in an effort to minimize accidents, described the situation with a warm smile: “You know what? There was damage to the dressing room. I don’t know what I saw. There’s a flash of something.”

However, comedian Alan Carr, who was also in the studio, was amazed by what Camila was showing, and covered his mouth as a sign of what he saw: “I have been a victim of cyber flash!” he exclaimed. .joking.

Camila reacts again and reveals that her mother is with her in the next room, probably still upset about the bad timing. But actually with good humor, she brushed off a painful incident revealing that she doesn’t really like wearing bras, which exposed some of her breasts.

After the interview, the translator posted a video on TikTok in which he poked fun at the minutes in which he was involved because of the movement of his wardrobe.

Leaning on the sofa and with her hair tied in an improvised bun, she recorded herself mocking at lip sync where he is heard saying: “I wish I had a time machine”, with the theme “Time Machine” by Muni Long.

About the picture she also wrote: “When my stylist asked me if I wanted nipple cover and I said no.”

But even though it was an accidental episode, which has happened to many celebrities, the network blew up a message commenting on the video, which went viral on social networks.

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