Can be fined 5000 kroner

In the coastal city of Sorrento in Italy, they introduced a dress code that everyone must follow. The city wants tourists to follow “local customs” and they want to get rid of what they describe as “inappropriate and appropriate behavior”.

So, one can only wear a bikini and bare stomach on the beach – but nowhere else in the city.

To Denmark TV 2 said Massimo Coppola, mayor of Sorrento, that he was afraid that someone would be afraid to move away from the city if people scattered around the city in bikinis.

– Becomes quite scorched

500 euro fine

– This applies to both Italian citizens and tourists. It could damage the city’s reputation and scare away someone who wants to come here, the mayor told TV 2.

Coppola has therefore signed a law banning guests and locals from wearing bathing suits anywhere other than on the beach.

If you violate the law, which came into effect on July 5, you may have to pay a fine of 500 euros, or 5,000 Norwegian kroner.

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– Don’t be afraid of the body

Earlier this summer, several restaurants in Mallorca introduced a dress code. They are tired of nonchalant tourists walking straight from the beach to their restaurant, wearing bikinis, soccer jerseys, or bare stomachs. Security.

Other Italian cities have also introduced similar measures, including Venice. In the past, however, dress codes were not as common in Italian coastal cities.

- Total chaos

– Total chaos

But the mayor stressed that it’s not a matter of stuffy Italians, but that it’s not normal for locals to trudge around without a T-shirt or bathing suit.

– It’s not about Italians being afraid of bodies. It’s about adjusting to local customs, the mayor told TV 2.

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