Capriles stadium opening subject to final inspection

The Department’s Sports Services Director (Headquarters), Giovanny Cossío, first denied that he agreed to close the Félix Capriles stadium until March 8 and pointed out that the opening of the sporting venue would be subject to inspections to be carried out the following week.

“Next week we will carry out an inspection and based on that we will make a decision. Because it is too hasty to say that it will close, because the team is experiencing a lot of problems in other areas of the sport,” said Cossío.

He said, many improvements were made in the sports arena, but the examination will be awaited for the determination, which can be done between Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday morning Wilstermann’s vice president, Renán Quiroga, confirmed that Headquarters had accepted the club’s request to close the Félix Capriles stadium until the Copa Sudamericana match, to prevent the pitch from deteriorating again a few days before the game against Guabirá. , which is scheduled to be played on March 10.

According to Quiroga, the sporting scene has improved, but is still not in optimal condition and they are at risk of making observations in Conmebol inspections.

“From the beginning, it has improved, but the conditions are not optimal,” explained Quiroga, who thinks that the improvement on the Capriles grass is already 40%, that’s why they asked to be closed until March 10.

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