Celebrations showcasing British heritage

officially opened Colombian. After a gap of two years, the people of Huelva are once again enjoying their festival, which showcases their British heritage. Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel’s Cross, visibly moved, have opened Colombinas 2022 with lighting, after two years of blackouts, the largest cover in history and 875,000 points of light that will light up six feasts. Dedicated to Great Britain, with great premieres and a strong commitment to music programming, this edition provides all the incentives to be unforgettable.

Las Colombinas have remained true to their origins and founding, setting their sights on in this issue of great Britain, to dedicate them to British heritage. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the British have remained in Huelva for decades, leaving most of their imprint on this land, tangible or intangible, a cultural mark that endures and forms an integral part of our history and “with this dedication, we intend to give tribute to England, showcase the British heritage we are proud of.”

“Today our Big Week begins, Las Colombinas start, some special Colombinas, because of what to expect, because of the illusion and desire that we should all enjoy the joy of partying, living together, sharing, but also doing so by celebrating our history and honoring us. cultural identity“, said Cruz.

In the presence of the British ambassador to Spain, Hugh ElliottGabriel Cruz draws attention to the dedication reflected in posters, covers, exhibition stands and a concert scheduled for Saturday, July 30, by the Scottish alternative rock and pop group from Glasgow, Texas, the mythical 90s band with over 40 million records sold worldwide, led by Sharleen Spiteri.

The magnificent cover echoes this dedication to England by recreating one of the homes of the Historic Complex declared a Site of Cultural Interest, from Queen Victoria’s Quarter, simulating one of Barrio Obrero’s signature facades. An element also recreated in the new scarf which debuted this year on the front of the booth, provides uniformity, harmony and aesthetic enhancement, and it will be one of the hallmarks of the renewed image of the celebration.

As for the Exhibition and Communication area, in City Booth, including a television set, where Huelva TV will run programming and connections to bring the celebration to all homes; and the space that houses a British heritage exhibition that is on display at Casa Colón to inform anyone who visits it about the impact of the British presence on the city at the level of ethnography, culture, architecture, sport, landscape, etc.

Six days of twinning, coexistence, music, performances, attractions and many proposals to finally enjoy the Colombine Festival begins. And for this, 21,000 points of light from biggest cover everextended across the enclosure’s main street arcade, enabling spectacular lighting consisting of 875,000 light points, 9 arcades, 100 arches, and up to 7 wreath areas.

The renovated concert hall, designed to create an authentic Music Festival, with two stages, for the first time, and a distinct bar, to center the public and not have to move to enjoy successive concerts, premiered with a night dedicated to Rap, hand in hand with Raydenone of the genre’s most important artists, who has transcended his status as a singer to become the benchmark as a musician and writer presenting his latest work, Lloreria Street. Then, to maintain that level, Lokoplaya, a Canarian rap trio, who has become a musical phenomenon capable of responding to the demands of young society, achieved its goal in a closing night by Waltrapa, a group from Huelva, with which he joined the rumbas. with swing and this year it premiered to work with themes like Infected by you or I should smile.

And how could it be otherwise, the soul of Colombinas continued to reside in 48 booths occupied by fraternities, associations, clubs, clubs, corporations, entities and public bodies, businesses, discotheques and individuals, all with free admission, such as concerts, representing the people of Huelva who are willing to enjoy, share and open their doors, the capital city of Huelva , in Colombinas.

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