Champions League – Final postponed:

On the eve of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, there was great chaos outside the final stadium, the Stade de France, Tore Hansen, general manager of Liverpool supporters club in Norway, told Dagbladet by telephone from the French capital.

– We were outside, and there was complete chaos and no one knew what was going on, said Hansen.

UEFA reports that the final which was supposed to take place at 9pm has been postponed. Initially the final message was delayed by 15 minutes, but soon the kick-off message was scheduled for 21.30.

CHAOS: Norway’s support manager was asked to crawl under another entrance, when his entrance closed right in front of him. Private photo
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Hansen said he was outside the stadium about an hour before kick-off, but the entrance he had was suddenly closed.

– We went to Z street, but it closed right in front of us. No message was given and we have gone the other way now. “People are allowed in, but we don’t know if we will,” said Hansen.

Asked to “crawl down”

Shortly after, Hansen said he had now been allowed into the stadium, but that it was a special matter.

– We had tickets to Z street, but after closing we went to C street. There were a lot of people and total chaos. Our ticket didn’t work on that street, so there was a discussion with the guards, and they finally said that we had to crawl under the street, because our ticket didn’t work, and then got to C, Hansen said and added:

– It’s very special when it comes to the Champions League final. Such a famous event.

– Waterproof

According to Reuters, it was reported that the match had been postponed due to security reasons. A bit late, message the delay because “fans arrived late”.

– The fans are trying to get into the stadium. They forced their way through the first barrier. Checkpoints at the Stade de France are watertight, French police said in a statement, according to Reuters.

France RMC wrote that there would be up to a hundred people who had entered the stadium without tickets.

It was also reported from several media that there would be long and confusing queues outside the stadium.

local newspaper Liverpool Echo wrote that the Liverpool players bus got stuck in all the chaos on the way to the stadium.

A little information

Tore Hansen said the lack of information was frustrating.

– There was a representative I assume was from the organizers or UEFA, he really had a fever on the island and just said “I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what happened”.

– It’s bad that people weren’t told. “There is no message over the loudspeaker, and the information we got is from a few Twitter messages from reporters here and there,” said Hansen as he was still outside the stadium.

Match starts at 21.30, after kick-off was postponed.

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