Champions Manchester City – Incredible

Erling Braut Haaland’s new employer is the Premier League champion.

An hour after the game, after the pitch was cleared of cheers from the fans, captain Kevin De Bruyne was able to lift the trophy.

– There is no better way to win a draw. We were 0-2 down. We are so tired and exhausted. It’s amazing we’re back. We write history today. This almost never happens. But when it did, it was so beautiful. We’re from another planet, goalscorer Rodri told TV2 after the game.

Manager Pep Guardiola put his feelings into words after the game. He was very emotional after everything was settled. Tears welled up.

– It’s very honest. It’s not fake. You win the Premier League because you are the best. This is football, said an emotional Guardiola.


In the scene of joy, a number of heartwarming scenes unfolded. Most touching was perhaps when City left-back Zinchenko of Ukraine won with the Ukrainian flag – and put it well around the Premier League trophy. The Ukrainian wept non-stop, while being supported and praised by his team-mates and the entire stadium.

WAITING: Manchester City’s Oleksandr Zinchenko of Ukraine in tears after the game, waving the Ukrainian flag. There are many emotions at once. Photo: NTB
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Manchester City are looking for time to ruffle up their adventurous chances of becoming Premier League champions. But after a historic wild turnaround in 12 minutes, the club secured the trophy again.

Before coming this far, the world of football experienced wild drama on many fronts.

WILD SCREEN: City fans storm the pitch after the game is over.  Photo: NTB

WILD SCREEN: City fans storm the pitch after the game is over. Photo: NTB
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Surprise opening

Understandably, TV cameras zoomed in on the crowd at the Etihad Stadium as they watched on their phones that Wolverhampton had taken the lead against Liverpool at Anfield after just three minutes. The smile and the triumphant fist were already there.

Thus, City, if left as it was, could even lose and become champions.

But City are not a team that is left behind. They went through, got more people into the 16-yard box and pushed Aston Villa hard. The team produces opportunity after chance, as they often do. Villa came in for the occasional counter-attack, but they never managed to properly threaten the big teams.

It looks like Aston Villa manager, old Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard was unsuccessful, motivating his gang to help his parent club.

But then came the sensational turn.

- Gives 33 Rolex watches

– Gives 33 Rolex watches

Cold shower

With 36 minutes played, Villa put themselves 1-0 up after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive error. Lucas Digne’s fantastic post hit right-back Matty Cash, who slipped away from the City keeper. His header went into goal, sending a shockwave through Manchester’s tail.

– The title fight is wide open now!, shouted the TV2 commentator.

It was even more intense when Liverpool drew 1-1 at Anfield.

The desperate and nervous glances in the home stands were captured by cameras at the Etihad.

– Matty Cash has sent City into terrible trouble! shouted the commentators.

SHAKEN: Matty Cash sends Villa the lead.

SHAKEN: Matty Cash sends Villa the lead.
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After that, Villa made several visits to the City defense. The frail Fernandinho at City seems to be insecure again and again. The reigning Premier League champions looked shaken.

– The wild drama we got in this Premier League final, said among TV2 commentators before the break.

– Almost impossible to believe. There are 45 minutes left this season and we are exactly the same. Exactly the same! shouted Jan Henrik Børslid with enthusiasm in the final studio of TV2 Premier League.

But with a slightly better goal difference, City are only narrowly ahead.

SHOCK: A staunch Manchester City supporter has a little secret lurking. Journalist: Melina Pambou Sundfør. Video: Red Card / Pambou.
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New drama

In the second half there was another surprise. Philippe Coutinho, a former Liverpool player, made it 2-0 with 20 minutes remaining.

– Is the gold gone now, Guardiola? Is it gone now? shouted the TV2 commentator.

But then came six minutes of pain:

Just five minutes after taking a cold shower, Gündogan was reduced to 1-2. And then: Three minutes after that again, suddenly 2-2, after scoring by Rodri. And then two more minutes passed and Gündogan completed a wild turnaround. He entered 3-2.

TURNING POINT: Gündogan scored 3-2.  The Ethiad Stadium fell off its hinges.  Photo: NTB

TURNING POINT: Gündogan scored 3-2. The Ethiad Stadium fell off its hinges. Photo: NTB
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– It has gone from desperation and despair to pure euphoria in a few minutes. I have not seen such! shouted the TV2 commentator.

Finally, City’s players and fans can cheer at the Etihad Stadium. Thousands of City supporters stormed the pitch, and the happy stars had to be rescued by the keeper.

SEA PEOPLE - ON COURSES!  A large number of fans took to the field.  Photo: NTB

SEA HUMAN – ON COURSES! A large number of fans took to the field. Photo: NTB
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