Changes to starting a business in the UK after Brexit

Ltd24ore is UK company who provides tax and commercial advice and who wants to teach Spanish financiers what aspects they should take into account in setting up a business in the country after his departure from the European Union. Things have changed in setting up a company after Brexit.

Especially, the company currently supports over 500 digital companies in the UK, transmitting the knowledge and business skills needed online. In summary, the advice offered by Ltd24ore focuses primarily on supporting non-resident entrepreneurs who are currently establishing their businesses in the Anglo-Saxon region.

What are the changes in business establishment in the UK after Brexit?

Since 1 January 2021, a new phase of deregulation has been implemented in the UK which can support the formation of companies on UK territory. Thanks to this deregulation process, it is possible to open a business with less tax liability, start a commercial establishment with light bureaucracy and continue to form an LTD – a limited liability company in the UK – or an LLP – a limited liability company for entrepreneurs who want to form an international business and optimize your taxation – very easily. However, not all is well for entrepreneurs and traders after the Brexit spike. There are those who think that with the UK leaving the European Union, the country will have greater freedom to implement tax policies that are favorable to corporations, resulting in unknown taxes. Despite these fiscal forecasts, entrepreneurs are not afraid to invest in new businesses in and around London.

Changes to an LTD or LLP incorporation in the UK

LTD or limited liability company is the most common legal form in commercial companies. To form this company, a minimum incorporated share capital of 1 pound and limited liability for current members is required. This company vehicle allows for legislation and is formed by one person.

On the other hand, the legal form of LLP or limited liability company is the type of corporate form that is preferred by consulting firms and professionals. In this type of organization, start-up capital is not required and there must be two partners, both natural and legal.

With all of the above, Ltd24ore is consolidating itself as a tax advisory firm supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Spain who wish to venture into the universe marketing United Kingdom, through a physical or virtual business with a large global impact.

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